(Those Down Right Dirty Kids) Stanley And Zero Concept (Kinda Of Unlikely Concept)

Yes Holes Is A Disney Movie I’m Not Kidding

Stanley and Zero

These two teens dig up some trouble for the foes they face

Role: Control

Position: Mid

Team: Yellow

“I’m not stupid, I know everyone thinks I am, I just don’t like answering stupid questions”

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Basic Animations

Entrance: They walk in and position themselves for the fight

Basic Attack: Zero hits the nearest enemy with his shovel

Victory: They do a bro hug smiling at each other

Defeat:Zero falls and Stanley looks nervous about him


White Skill:Digging Up Trouble: Normal Damage -Passive: Every basic attack made by Zero gives the two one stack of Dirt to themselves Dirt increases their active’s damage by x and debuff duration by 1 secondl They can have a max of 6 stacks of Dirt

Active Stanley throw a large pile of dirt on enemies stunning or blinding them for 7 seconds, dealing x damage and applying 2 stack of Weakness to them for 7 seconds

Attacks do 10% more damage per stack of Weakness to enemies The Stun, Blind and Weakness has a chance to fail against enemies above level

Green Skill:Dig!: Normal Damage

-Zero whacks the closest enemy with his shovel dealing x damage and stuns them for 10 seconds

The stun has a chance against enemies level x or higher

Blue Skill:Onion Boost

-Stanley gives Zero an onion healing them x hp, increasing their Armor by x and increasing their attack and movement speed by 100% for 6 seconds

Purple Skill: It’s Destiny When Stanley and Zero Reach 0 hp they give their

skill power to their allies The skill power is shared amongst them equally The skill power is reduced for allies level x and above

Red Skill:Fill In The Rest Of The Holes Yourself.

-Each time Stanley and Zero apply Dirt to themselves they apply a stack of Weakness to enemies with the most hp

Dig! also pierces the enemy it hits for 6 seconds The Weakness and Pierce have a chance to fail against enemies level x and above

+X Reality

+X Skill Power

+75.2 Conservation

Friend Disk Campaigns

Disk #1 -Exotic Treasure

Island Hopping

Partner: John Silver

Allies: Jim Hawkins, Rapunzel, Violet

-Level Up:

+x Armor

+X Reality

Stars: Dirty enemies lose 60 tenacity and evasion

Disk #2 -Deep Dive

Partner: Vincenzo Santorini

Allies:Kida, Hades, Mr Incredible

20,000 Leagues Under The Dirt -

Level Up:

+X damage to Dig!

+X skill power Stars:

Dig! silences the enemy it hits for 10 seconds


For a first concept, this is pretty solid overall. I do have a couple of questions.

How much does each stack of Dirt increase the debuff duration by?

How long do the armor and attack & movement speed buffs last?

How much of their skill power do they give to each ally? Does each ally get ALL of their Skill power, or is it divided evenly among them?

I assume you meant “Conservation”, not “Conversation”. :sweat_smile:

Also, Conservation values are listed as percentages, not straight numbers.

The formatting could also be improved quite a bit. Overall, however, this is pretty well done!


There Fix The Errors

Thanks For The Compliment!

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