Thoughts on Bogo


i just wanna know some thoughts on chief bogo. I used him when i was newer to the game but i just wanna hear some feedback about him. Thanks


He’s practically useless when I first started using him at Blue, but when I got him to Purple, he’s the one to go for multiple hitters like Zurg or Quorra…


Maybe ill give him a little bit more attention. Went against an orange Bogo earlier and he stayed standing til the last second haha


Bogo is my main tank, and I can say he’s fairly good. Not OP, but good. As @Hero_Dante said, he’s the go-to for multi-hitters (enemies that hit many times in succession) and also makes a good tank for outlasting the timer. He’s not big on damage or control, and has no support abilities. He’s a purely tanky tank, almost every move he has helps him stay alive. White shields for a really good amount, green stuns the frontmost enemy, (good on frontline damagers, although nearly every one has something to avoid it) blue blinds the enemies keeping their attacks from damaging him, and purple heals for a low amount each hit. Control such as stuns and charms take him down fast if he’s against high damagers, so keep that in mind.


He is great in guild wars if you have maxed out his Mr I disk. But with the addition of all the recent freeze chars, he had taken a major hit.


Bogo is a Tank in It’s truest essence. He stands in front takes a beating and keeps standing tall. His healing thanks to his Purple+ Mr. I disk is ridiculous and he will easily take on 1v5 assuming there isn’t any control heroes to stop him. However he does abyssmal damage and has little in the way off keeping his team alive. He has small amounts of CC that don’t do a whole lot on the way of controlling a line like someone like Ralph could do. His Calhoun disk is one of the most forgettable and laughably bad disks in the game.

I find that nowadays he gets outclassed by Shank as she has the same niche of survival tank versus multihitters but actually does reasonable damage and has some support in her skill power buff to her team.

He is a massive staple when it comes to stall comps but unfortunately he doesn’t have much place outside of that. Which fits perfectly into his character as a stoic police chief who has never been a strong team player, but unfortunately that does not play well into gameplay.


Bogo cuts both ways. He shuts down a lot of units, but is easily countered by others.

He’s a high-armor, low-reality tank defined by his shield, which heals him when hit. Invest in his Mr. Incredible disk and it heals him a lot.

If he can tank a lot of hits and cycle that shield, he can be almost invincible.

However, he’s super vulnerable to control. Hit him with a control effect that keeps him from using his shield, then get him in a burst of fantastic damage and he will melt. Stun, then let Zurg and Quorra at him for a couple seconds, and he’s gone. And there are the shield counters like Darkwing floating around that will shut him down.

Bogo’s good at his job, but easily shut down. If you use him, I suggest pairing him up with Flynn.