Thoughts on New Hero (Fozzie Bear)

Now that some people had a chance to play with the new character. I want to hear your feedback on it. Is there something he needs to work on, does he have his strong points. What do you like or dislike about him. And finally, what is your rating on this hero.

This week, the spotlight is on the bruin of Brouhaha himself. MR. FOZ-ZIE BEAR!


So far he seems to do pretty well with other Control heroes and a good Tank. I tried the Anniversary Trial a few times with a team of Fozzie, Tia Dalma, and Carl, and beat it pretty easily. Maybe I’ll try some other combos too, but from what I’ve seen thus far, Fozzie seems pretty strong but not quite strong enough to become a meta destroyer like Maximus, Cheshire, or any of the recent heroes when they were first added to the game.

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