Thoughts on Powerline?

I just want to know how strong of a control hero he is and what synergies he can be used in.

He is powerful, definitely. If used with Goofy(Je), his white wipes enemy toons off very fast(If they have no Joy or Rapunzel, of course). I’m not sure if he is powerful outside blind teams.

He’s pretty easy to use on most teams due to his high damage and his long lasting freeze that even hits invisible targets. But obviously he works best when paired with goofy or wall e.

I agree, powerline is pretty good, his freezes and blinds are nice, and his skills make him an excellent blinder. He would go well with heroes that take advantage of that, like goofy with the jesse disk, or wall-e with his dash disk that makes the lengths of disables longer. He could also work with freeze teams due to his blue skill that freezes enemies for 10 seconds. Olaf/wall-e could extend the duration of that freeze.

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