Thumbs Up Emoji

It says the Thumbs Up emoji is Common, but I still don’t have it. It would be useful to me as that emoji is not publishable from the iPad emojis. Is there a specific cosmetic crate it has to come from, or is it just luck of the draw, in which I’ve had no luck? Thanks for any and all help.
This is the first post I’ve made, so I hope this is the right spot for it.

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It’s luck of the draw :confused:

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As Djaq said, the chances of getting one specific drop are terribly low even for common rarities. The emojis used to be available as items in contests, which would permanently unlock it both to use in chat and as an avatar. Now that’s been dropped for the more lucrative current scheme. :man_shrugging:

It’s a bit silly that they’d put a symbol as universal as a thumbs-up (or the reverse) behind a system that’s been optimized to require as much spending as possible, if you ask me.


Its all ridiculous, the faster people catch on the better for all the players

Thanks for all the information. I’m even more annoyed that the emoji works here :+1: and not in game chat. :-1::-1::-1:

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