Tiana : Hero Concept

Tiana is ready to cook up a storm and show the enemies whose boss.
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Quote: “The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work”
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Damage
Stars: :star2:
Entrance: Tiana walks onto the battlefield then finishes tying her apron and then dusts off her dress.
Basic Attack: Tiana throws plates and utensils at the enemy.
Victory: Tiana smiles and takes a bit out of a beignet.
Defeat: Tiana crosses her arms and frowns.

White Skill: Beignet Bash :white_circle:
Tiana takes out a plate of beignets, applies some powder, cleansing herself, then throws the beignets at the enemies, dealing X true damage and applying 3 stacks of fatigue to the frontmost enemy.

Green Skill: Onion Blind :green_circle:
Tiana takes out some onions and dices them in the air and then tosses them at the enemy team, blinding them for 8.0 seconds and dealing X normal damage.

The blinding duration has a chance to be reduced if Tiana is below level X.

Blue Skill: Gumbo Splash :large_blue_circle:
Tiana mixes a pot of gumbo and mixes it, granting her 50% attack speed for 9.0 seconds, she then splashes the gumbo onto the enemy team, stunning them for 8.0 seconds and dealing X normal damage.

Purple Skill: Ingredients to Success :purple_circle:
Tiana now has 7% reality increase at the start of each wave.

Red Skill: Almost There :red_circle:
“Gumbo Splash” now also applys 4 stacks of fatigue to the “most wanted” enemy. Onion Blind" now cleanses Tiana and her allies. “Beignet Bash” now applies 3 stacks of Fatigue to all enemies.
+78,654 skill power
+4% reality to the 2 frontmost allies.

Tiana/Dr. Facilier

Disk: Do or Don’t Deal

Image: 3 Tarot cards with different pictures of Tiana
Tiana now starts each battle with 35% attack speed increase
+7% reality increase
+54,874 skill power


Disk: A Chef’s Masterpiece

Image: A Kitchen with Tiana and Colette cooking.

Tiana now cleanses her allies whenever they have 3 debuffs applied to them.

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