Tier list for Server 15 (my opinion) update 1.7.2


So I am Team Level 60 on Server 15 which caps on Team Level 80 currently. Here is what I think the current tier list for my server is like. This is obviously my opinion and I really looking for feedback from all you guys. Most of what I say is however influenced by the top players in my server and their builds. This is also mainly focusing on Arena and Coliseum. The order of their placement in the tier matters, but not a lot. There are a total of 41 heroes.
Let’s begin

S tier :
Jack Sparrow

A tier:
Wall E
Tia Dalma
Judy Hopps

B tier:
Kevin Flynn

C tier:
Mr. Incredible
Chief Bogo
Sulley and Boo

D tier:

E tier:

F tier:
Jack Jack


Nick shouldn’t be below Felix. He’s still useful in city watch, whereas Felix isn’t very useful anywhere.


Felix appeared in a coliseum team hence his placement is higher than Nick who I didn’t see anywhere.
I do see your point though.


I personally dont see much of a use on either Felix nor Nick.
Felix needs a whole update to be relevant since his main attraction is his healing which is done by others already…
Nick is nice with his charm but other than that he has to use white skill 5 times to put out real damage, and in my opinion is heavily overshadowed by Zurg in the city watch department.

I would put Ursula a little bit higher tho, she is the only one is the game who can block white skills altogether and negate a lot of energy, way to valuable imo


Where is Baymax?
Best hero in game and not even listed?


I am not aware of the current status of heroes on server 15, but maybe they dont have him?


I am very interested to know why Maui is in S class…


there is no Baymax in server 15 yet.


Honestly, I don’t know why Maui is in S class. AT my current level no one uses him and when I tried him he wasn’t that good, but he consistently appears in the top arena decks which is why I placed him on S although just narrowly.


Maybe Ursula will see more use after some time when she is leveled up as she was one of the newest characters in the server and then she could climb up the tier list.


So this isnt your opinion…you are just averaging what you see other players use in their arena teams…


Yup Arena and Coliseum teams. However, the bottom tier heroes have almost no uses so some of them are my opinions.


In fact, the only tanks actually used in the top Arena tiers in server 15 are either Olaf or Maui.
EDIT: Oh and Hades too.


Huh ok…looks like people have bad taste over there…


Help me understand. I read your post, and follow up comments. You made a tier list based on who you claim to see in arena/coli. So wouldn’t that be a server 14 exclusive popularity list instead? Because there are lots of names that absolutely don’t belong in their assigned tier. Maui S tier says it all, really; tho there’s plenty of others


It’s server 15 by the way. I would agree that Maui S tier would be bad taste if he only appeared in a couple of teams but he appears in 4 out of the top 10 teams consistently. Jack Sparrow is found in nearly all arena decks because of his massive buffs and I think the main reason for Maui being so viable is that he supports Jack a lot with his Blue and Purple ability, not to mention removing enemy Jacks with his white. I knew that Maui S tier would bring a lot of backlash from the community but I just had to put him there due to his appearances in the top decks.

Also doesn’t the popularity of a hero in the top decks really show its position in a tier list? If he appears more, he is definitely more viable just like Maui is (in server 15).

Could you please point out the plenty others?

EDIT: Also remember server 15 doesn’t have the strongest characters which appear on other servers like Scar, Baymax, Maleficent, Darkwing Duck, Gaston etc. which could mean Maui becomes more useful.