Tier List & More

Here is a tier list and characters coming to the game:

Also Give me ideas of stuff to add

I would remove the last slide…

I would keep Hamm since we already know he’s coming but remove the other person it’s spoilers.

Isn’t this Musketeer tier list in a slide presentation for those who can’t see well from the discord?

This is exactly like @Musketeer’s tier list.


Yes it is form the discord

It’s plagiarizing for stealing someone’s work or idea without permission or credit.


Theres already a topic. Some force press this


First of all, that’s a little rude.

Second of all, please do not revive dead topics, especially when this topic already is relating to/copying off of a different topic.

Third, what team are you using him on? On certain teams, he can be pretty good, but otherwise, he has a very rough skillset to work with. The combination of his White and Purple skills makes it so that he has a hard time using his Green or Blue skills, his Blue Skill has far too long of a cooldown to it and isn’t very impressive overall, and neither of his friendship disks have very good synergy with his playstyle.


Dead topics from less than a month ago? And it’s only rude if it wasn’t the truth.

Regardless of how young it was, no one was saying anything on it, so it’s still dead. Also, the reason why no one was saying anything on this thread is because there’s already a topic for this exact same tier list somewhere else. And third, although I still disagree with the opinion, it being “the truth” doesn’t automatically make it not-rude. You can tell the truth and still be a jerk about it.

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