“Till the pride lands end..”

Hey, I got an amazing Idea: So I notice that the mark of the guard bage is here. And I was wondering… “If it’s possible, on christmas (cuase that’s when I started pkaying the game) we add the whole Lion Guard in the mix!?” cause would It be cool to relive the good old days when we first watched the series? And Kion could be placed on the prize wall and the others Bunga, Beshtie, Ono, Fuli, and Anga could be event time heroes!

I’ve made a list of powers for each hero based on the series:

Kion: White skill: (The roar of the elder’s.)
His ability would work a lot like Bolt’s super bark but when avive it stuns and knock-backs opponents away.

Green skill: (Here’s the plan)
At the start of battle the player choose which hero should attack one opponent. If it’s auto he chooses the most frontline hero to attack the back line.

Blue skill: (We have a duty)
Kion inspires the whole team and grants them normal crit increase and fantastic crit and increase attacks for 10 seconds.

Purple skill: (Lion guard defend)
Passive: If more then one member of the guard is an ally, then grant all members maximum health increase and increase movement speed for each wave.

Red skill: (The power of the Roar)
Increase the damage for The roar of the elder’s for x damage.

All of this is impossible due to the storyline. All ‘‘The Lion King’’ characters came to the City while Scar was singing ‘‘Be Prepared’’, and so even Mufasa is alive.

And just because the badge is in-game it doesn’t mean heroes from that series/movie can be added.


You want characters to be added on that day… specifically because that’s when you started playing the game? Not because it’s Christmas?

Implying that everyone here has watched The Lion Guard, which I doubt is true.

Um… where is said list?


Hmm, you do got a point there. The timeline would get messed up because Kion DID came after the events of The Lion King. But it would be cool to have them otherwise.

I’ve updated it for Kion. I’m still thinking about the rest.

I don’t think that Perblue would being willing to add 5 characters on Christmas Day for a single forumers anniversary… :confused:


Your right with that. I just thought it was a pretty cool idea. It Will mess with the time line no cap.

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