Time for Season of Kindness

Well the weather is getting colder and pumpkin spice everything is popping up everywhere. So that means it is almost the season of winter kindness (but we should always be kind)! Let’s all remember to be kind to others both in real life and online.

On the forum we can be kind by not targeting a person with flags. We can be kind by not being disrespectful and rude to others because of differing opinions.

The world is already crazy right now so let’s spread positivity by trying to be kind.


Oh the irony.


And you’re innocent?


Nope, doesn’t mean I can’t find something ironic :man_shrugging:.


I do not see irony in the post


From my perspective, everyone is guilty and innocent. But I do not want to spread drama and more toxicity. I am going to make a post with some detail supporting this statement. Yes, this statement does include myself.


Yes, I am sure we all have said some unkind things recently, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decide to stop saying and doing unkind things and start being kind.

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Okay I see there is some drama on the forum today so as a reminder, let’s be kind. It’s almost Thanksgiving and the holidays! We can have debates but let’s be civil during them!


@TherMasterStitch heck yeah happy thanksgiving!

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Happy early Thanksgiving to you too and everyone on the forum!


Heck yeah dude! Also sorry I was gone for so long. Stuff happened xD

Welcome back!

Happy early Thanksgiving!

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Thanks! You too!

I know reviving a topic is looked down upon unless it contributes to the thread but I think this is important (and so it contributes to the thread).

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of negativity and rudeness from forumers. Not everyone of course (and these people should know who they are). Since I joined the forum pretty early on, I remember when it was so positive.

I still care for the forum and want it to be more positive again.

So let’s remember to be kind.

It’s not the “season of kindness” anymore but kindness is always in season.

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