Time limit on war boxes


Is there a time limit on how long your war boxes will sit there? E.g. If I don’t open them right away do they disappear in one day? When the next war ends? Or do they stack?


Just collect then right away gorn and you wont have that problem :wink:


I can do that now, but on Dragon Soul I know that I got to the point where I had all the stones for all the characters and if I could postpone until a new character dropped it would be possibly useful.


If leaving the war boxes untouched multiplies them, let me know I’m all in.
Word of warning though previous attempts to breed war boxes have been largely unsuccessful:joy:


Breed??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




So i joined a guild before i was lvld up enough to join war. When i finally reached war lvl, all the boxes from every win since i joined was available still. It may have only been 1 season, cant recall exactly how long it took me to lvl up, but it was a jackpot for me.


This is a good idea… if war boxes can be collected at items…