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Time concept


Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Blue

Entrance: Time flies to the battlefield in Chronosphere, then lands in his position and hides his Chronosphere in a pocket.
Victory: Time checks on his watch time and smiles.
Defeat: Time falls on the ground from weakness.

Quote: “I present you with a gift."

Basic attack: Time throws a watch at the enemy

White skill: Time Control :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Passive: Whenever ally or enemy uses their active ability Time receives one stack of ‘‘Time’’. Time can stack up to 5 stacks of ‘‘Time’’.

Active: Time consumes all stacks of ‘‘Time’’. For each stack of ‘‘Time’’ allies goes back to the past a bit more, removing all damage received from one second per stack of ‘‘Time’’. Allies will be additionally healed by 60% of the removed received damage by enemies and 40% of the damage will be given back as damage to enemies, enemies will also lose X reality per consumed stack of ‘‘Time’’ for 11 seconds.

Green skill: Chronosphere :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Time throws Chronosphere at the middle of the enemies, it then actives, dealing X damage and knocking enemies back or further depending on the impact where they were standing when the Chronosphere was opened.

Enemies knocked further will be stunned for 7 seconds and enemies knocked back will be slowed by 60% for 7 seconds.

The slow has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue skill: Gift From Time
Time uses his powers to fully heal, granting 350 energy, increase duration of all active buffs by 5 seconds and granting ally 6 seconds of invincibility to ally which has lowest HP once every 13 seconds.

The invincibility has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Purple skill: Matter of Time :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
For each stack of ‘‘Time’’ Time and his allies receive 3% Conservation and X reality.

When Time uses ‘‘Time Control’’ enemies additionally receive 20% of Time’s max HP as bonus damage.

Bonus Conservation has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red skill: Ruler of All The Time
Time and allies are healed by 15% of their damage done by basic attacks and skills.

Enemies which has speed-up buffs deals 60% less damage to Time and 20% less damage to his allies. When Time receives speed-up buff his max HP increases by 5%, up to 100% increase, this bonus stays between waves.

Increased max HP has a chance to fail if Time is above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X damage to ‘‘Chronosphere’’


Alice - Present From Future


’‘Gift From Time’’ buffs all allies

  • +X SP
  • +X HP
  • Time uses ‘‘Gift From Time’’ on the start of each wave
  • Other allies are healed by 10% equal to the heal granted to the target from ‘‘Gift From Time’’ (+10% per star)
  • Other allies receive 15% of the energy granted to the target from ‘‘Gift From Time’’ (+15% per star)

Scrooge McDuck - Treasures Of The Past


DoT heals allies

  • +X HP to Time and allies
  • +X armor to Time and allies
  • Enemies’ damage over time skills deals 8% less damage (+8% per star)
  • When allies receive damage over time they are healed by 0.9% of their max HP per second (+0.9% per star)
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