Tinker Bell and the good dinosaur

Tinker bell and her dairy friends as a group

The dinosaur and the kid in as a duo


Tinker Bell is in Peter Pan’s skillset

Also “the kid” is named “Spot” :neutral_face:


Arlo and spot could be brought defintly as dou charther and these 2 likley since the good dinosaur is pixar movie

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Gracias, todos estos detalles realmente nos han ayudado a estar de acuerdo contigo. Realmente ayuda. También es genial si hablo español? Me estoy aburriendo del inglés en Este momento.

Please spell correctly, go over your comments before you post them to check they are spelt right, if you dont mind.

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Hmmm that would most definitely work I mean I don’t see why they wouldn’t add them

@Lil_brother_1 could you please stop reviving threads. It’s all well and good to have an opinion but it can get a bit tiresome when people comment on threads that were concluded ages ago.

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