Tips for Level 7 chapter 34

This level is hurting me physically. Megara keeps linking to Dash, making him invincible when she is defeated, so I’m defenceless when Dash uses his super and takes out my ENTIRE team effortlessly. I’m not even sure help would work. This seems like something they need to straight up nerf

I’ve tried everything. I’ve used silencers. Didnt work. Rocketeer cant use his heal fast enough before getting destroyed. If nothing else works, at least let one of the admins know so they could try to nerf it.

Kermit (Gonzo) and Ian (Goliath) with other heroes to round out your team such as Timon and puumba, Kronk, Fear, etc. Charge them up for the last wave with Dash and Meg. That wins easily.

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