Tips on how to increase my total power

I’ve been playing for a while now and seeing a lot of players with team powers higher than 1 billion. I’m stuk at around 210m. I have a lot of heroes on level 330, friend discs on the highest level and skill levels on average at 250. I have heroes on rank Y4 and still less than 2million power.

What am I doing wrong? And how can I easily increase my heroes (I don’t spend money on the game).

Skill power mods add insane amount of power as they are skewed compared to the other mods when adding power to heroes

Although, team power of 1bn is impossinle currently, given that the current hero cap is currently 90M
So that is just under 500M for a team of 5
If you are looking at Coliseum, then yes, they can be more than 1bn

So it’s important to upgrade mods and choose the correct mod for the correct skill? I normally add 1 mod per skill type. So my heroes all have 4 mods and each is for a different skill. What you are saying is choose the mod that adds the mods based on the skill that adds the most power?

For an example of what I’ve done I’ve been leveling heroes skills starting from the weakest character. It’s also a good way to get me to level characters I normally wouldn’t. Then I also sometimes focus on getting a few more heroes to red.

I’ve been keeping up with the price wall heroes and make sure to reach all goals. But their power is still very low even on rank yellow and skill level at about 250 per skill.
I’m going to try to upgrade my mods. I need to harvest more mod power as I used up everything today to get from 188 total power to 210… which is still too low for the bigger and more active guilds.

if guilds are turning you down based solely on Total Power, that’s an indication that they aren’t well-versed in how the game is actually played :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Power is somewhat exponential - you’ll see much greater increases after level 250 than you’ve seen already, even just from skill levels.

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Raiding can allow you to increase your team level fast

I raid as much as I can. I play every day and I am active on every event within reason. I have more than 20 heroes on rank yellow but the overall power level doesn’t increase that much. So I’m going to work on my mods for all my heroes.

A lot of guilds are moving in that direction.

@Nats1701 Upgrading heroes does not give much power. Its all about skills. Skills are your main source of power. Skill mods give a lot of power - because they give you skill levels :slight_smile: But you can’t get enough mods to reach 1B power. You need to fully level your hero skills 1 by 1 to maximum possible. Start with your strongest heroes. This will cost a lot of gold so make sure you do Surge daily.

I can only guess if you keep up on raising skills, the second most important thing is upgrading heroes ranks ,3rd is powering up mods. But leveling skills or ranks or mods I’d think keep going from the bottom to level the weakest hero and it’ll still do a lot of good.

Thanks for all the tips, I’m going to keep leveling skills, mods and ranks as I can.

It’s important to upgrade their skills all the way to 330 ( as of current cap ) in order to achieve more power upto 29M or more for indivisual heroes ( without sp mods )

With Skill mods, you can raise an indivisual heroes power to a maximum of 90M, and a team of 5 heroes w 90M each would make around 450M, as it is not possible yet to get 1B team power.

Every week, rewards are given when u complete goals (105 maximum). The drops they give is random. Most common consumables are stamina/gold resets, shop refresh (u might find in mega Mart), the resets and give u more resources, the shop refreshes use lesser diamonds, so it’s not wasting valuable resources. Arena and coliseum are important, so when u claim diamonds, try to stock up and promote to get better rewards. (At challenger rank, rare mod upgrades are given.)

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