TJ Detweiler Hero Concept

TJ Detweiler, :star: :star:, Frontline, Team Trial: Red.
Quote: The coolest kid at the playground.
Entrance: TJ walks in, with his hands in his pocket.
Victory: TJ will jump up and down excitedly.
Defeat: TJ shakes his fists in anger.
Basic Attack: TJ will punch the enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Slick Skateboard
TJ will kick a skateboard over to an enemy, dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Old Rusty
TJ will swing off of the monkey bars and onto an enemy, dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: Bubble Gum Bonanza
TJ will chew a piece of gum, and every 2 seconds he will be healed, until 10 seconds has passed.

Purple Skill: Razor Skateboard.
TJ’s skateboard does x2 more damage.

Red Skill: New Rusty
TJ’s Old Rusty move is now able to do x3 more damage.

Friendship 1: TJ and Finnick
Gangster Brothers
TJ’s bubble gum move heals double every 2 seconds.

Friendship 2: TJ and Tigger
Troublesome Tales
TJ will start to attack right when the match starts, and his basic attack doing x2 more damage during the first 10 seconds of the match.

Have a good day and stay safe!!

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Recess seems like a weird choice.

Ask this in a private chat please.

it’s my favorite show, so i can do whatever i want, just to clerify.

You sound like you’re getting too defensive. Recess honestly seems like a weird choice to add the this game because they don’t really fight or do anything that could be a skill when you break down each individual character.

i don’t mean to sound defensive. sorry if i did.

Hi everyone you have a great character concept

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