To much to do

I used to love this game and look forward to playing it every day! …but now there’s too much to keep up with, and stay on top of it’s become a serious chore.


I agree, at the moment im only raiding each day and barely doing anything else, not even surge somedays. I have just lost a lot of motivation for playing as i am never going to be able to get to my servers level cap.

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What? who is Pola

Polaris, they keep shortening it for some reason, I don’t know why? But if it keeps them happy

I just give people nicknames randomly idk y

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Seeing new hero’s come out is fun. This game shouldn’t focus on spending 2 hours to play, just hope to see some balance.

Yes exactly,
So much of it is really fun and it really takes away from that when I’m ALWAYS struggling and rushing to get all the basics done.
If I got on for a entier hour I shouldn’t feel like I couldn’t finish the basic “to do’s” and I lost a bunch of stuff.
Most people I found that play this game are adults, we all have lives.

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