Today "Double Port Event" but not show on Calender?

I"m confuse or just today have double port event but not show in Calender??

They changed port to double drops all the time a few patches ago. They said after the new year they will be updating port. Until then they doubled the drops.

Today we got absolutely nothing at all for the Winter event.

Just like PB was beyond to cheap to give us anything for Christmas.

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Urgh…No… they just add slightly more to port drops…

And Yes. We have a double port drops event today

Little late but your completely wrong…

  1. Look in patch notes 1.14.2 -D where its says the are giving it a permanent double until they change it for the better.

  2. We didn’t get ANYTHING that day for the winter event.

Take 10 minutes and look thru some patch notes before you tell people they’re wrong. You know like I did. (Well only took me 3m because I knew it was in 1.14 just didn’t remember which):smirk:

“We have more improvements coming up with 1.15, but in the meantime, The Port is getting a permanent boost in both its gold and XP rewards

Correct me if I’m wrong (in this case, I am sure not), but what I see is permanent boost not permanent double

So please,

And for 2nd thing, I stand by my point that we got a double event in port that day. It just didn’t show up on calendar.

P/s: I can’t quote Polaris because that thread was closed, but If you don’t believe me, I could always take a picture and show you. But I guess you will be fine, because like you said, you like to look through patch notes before commenting (whether you understand them correctly or not is another matter though)

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