Too easy Promote Now


Not to same-team, but apparently the game will allow some badges to be equipped and fused for Promotion when using the button to equip all badges and Promote.


It’s been a long time in the game🤔


I’m not sure I understand your issue… Are you saying you don’t have the materials to craft Merlin’s Bag and therefore this is a glitch? Because, if you look, you already have a fully crafted Merlin’s Bag… There is literally no issue here…


Quick Promote is a perk for VIP 5 or higher.


I had 1 Merlin’s Bag. Ther other missing badge consumes a Merlin’s Bag to Craft, so I should not be able to Promote.


Ah, I see, you didn’t show that in your screenshots…


Yes, the promote button shouldn’t be active in that situation. This is something the team is investigating.