Too many tasks for too little reward

Geeez! That is one loooong list :rofl:
But sadly, i have to admit i can agree with a lot of list.
Its tough to see what started out as a fun ‘game’ now turned into just an ‘app’
Just gotta hang in there n hope for that ‘turnaround’ to make DHBM fun again


@Loutre Hope you don’t mind me tagging you here, but I wanted to ask in terms of the Badge Booster Crates.

Is it fine that we players spread the knowledge of them freely in terms of how to use them the most efficiently?

I want to help people by explaining the Badge Booster Crates in detail here on the forum, I am a bit scared of that could end up in that you at PerBlue make the Badge Booster Crates worse. So yeah, is it fine that I tell people about how to make the most out of the Badge Booster Crates.

Like a playing player is better than a player that has quit, so yeah on that premise.

Just at least hear on it as I want to help people more and know that will be okey :-).


Yes, it’s always fine to share strategies for the game. Unless you’re using hacks or cheats it’s fine to share.

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Thanks and appreciate it Loutre :-).

I was referring to the fact that the Badge Booster Crates in the Progress Rewards got reduced, so just don’t want something similar to happen again due to more players understanding how to use Badge Booster Crates efficiently.

So yeah, just wanted to make sure something like that don’t end up being a consequence :-).

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Was busy in real life for a while but yeah, if you don’t know why I mentioned the Badge Booster Crates in the sense I did Sin_Soaker I am happy to tell you if you are interested in hearing it :-).


The way they work is not a secret, in fact its very accurately explained in their information description. The only thing lacking is how much is “not enough” but we all know it goes downhill below 10. That doesn’t change the fact that people just use them without thinking and don’t want to re-read what is written, do 2+2 and use them efficiently.

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I would absolutely like to hear it. I welcome advice and information. No matter how much I learn, there’s always someone out there that knows more. I never turn down the chance to learn more.

And I agree with what you said about being concerned that informing the players might cause another nerf to the content. If one researches this sort of thing on the forums, there’s likely a pattern of it that creates the concern. It’d be nice to discover something helpful that doesn’t get changed because devs get nervous about being too generous.

I’m not pointing the finger at PB. I’ve just been there before with other games of this genre.

Fact, for me anyways, is I’m starting to hit burnout pretty quickly. After playing for a few months, and getting almost to team level 200, I’ve informed my guild that I’m taking a hiatus from DHBM. Unless some major positive changes happen, I will remain inactive.

The only part that I will honestly miss is the socialization with guild mates. Unfortunately, that does not justify keeping the game and playing. The turnover rate of guild members is high, so the social environment is unstable.

Frankly, I’m enjoying the games I still play and none of them cost me a dime after I bought them. None of them make me feel like I’m running in place. When I log off them, I feel like the time I spent on them was positive. I feel a sense of progression. When an issue arises, it’s quick and easy to get support and a resolution. I don’t get any oblivious responses. I like playing a game when I know all these things are possible/plausible.

As a customer/player I don’t want to feel like I’m being used.

Maybe, but I’d bet I’m not too far off.

I concur. I do find concern in the fact that the hero pool is almost at 200 and they try to use new ones as nerfs rather than enhancements. If the new heroes were used as a way to expand upon the game it would be nice. Give people more options, not less. New ones can be strong without doing it at the expense of others. A larger % of the hero pool being viable would improve things greatly.

The text afterwards is me showing value for my money. Once you’ve spent more on this game than it costs to buy a AAA title, you’re wasting money (from a gamer perspective). This game lacks the depth, ingenuity and quality of those major titles.

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Zuriel_IX@ Not everyone may catch how helpful they can be still, so yeah wanting to help others by spreading information :-).

Sin_Soaker@ Nice and yeah, happy to tell if so ^^.

Badge Booster Crates give badges for open badge slots, so if the badge slot is already equipped it won’t give the badge to that badge slot.
As such, the main first thing is to equip all badges on the characters you don’t use, and after having done so don’t promote them.

I say this as an F2P that’s VIP 0 and yeah, these are my characters even though some legacy characters before I came to know of the Badge Booster Crate information :-). (Started in 2018).

As an F2P I personally focus on Utility and Counter characters that can last years in relevance in its own way, rather than basing my team on pure Damage, which is why you see characters like Wall-E there as he is really nice to have in City Watch with his Flynn Disk.

But back to the Badge Booster Crates, as you can see some characters there have their badge lines filled. As the badge slots are filled the Badge Booster Crates won’t give the badges related to those slots as they are filed.

So what you need to do is this for all of the characters you don’t use:

I know this might get quite expensive or long waiting if having upgraded a lot of characters badge rank wise, but the end result can be something like this:

This is from earlier as I am now waiting for a character I decide I want to focus fully, but yeah all Yellow badges as you can see :-). (Also why in the screenshots above all the slots aren’t filled out for the characters I use, I am waiting).

Hope this can help you a lot Sin_Soaker and yeah, if you have more questions feel feel to ask :-).

Some things to keep in mind:
Badge Booster Crates’s max rank are set when they are added to the inventory, so if you have Badge Booster Crates from 3 months ago they will only give badges from that time. (I think this is still the case).

Make sure to always have 10 open slots(post Y20: Maybe 20 open slots) when opening Badge Booster Crates, if there are less than 10 open slots then the Badge Booster Crates starts to give badges for the next rank, however that include also for P0 characters that you have locked, so you may end up with P1 badges in this case.

I don’t know if this one is counted, but I personally have 1 open slot for a character 5 ranks below the current rank just in case. Might not influence anything, but yeah just in case.

And make sure you equip the badges you get, the crafted badges in the inventory are counted as filled slot I think, so you may end up with the less than 10 open slot problem if not making sure on this.

This should be all the most important stuff, and yeah if you have any questions I am happy to answer :-).


I feel like the high levels in port pay out a nice amount in gold, xp drinks, could be better. A lot for red ones. And at least some better way to get yellow xp drinks such as buying that at the mega mart. So far I only have 26 total. And I feel like I only get 1 daily.

And there is precisely where every game fails. Imagine splitting your time between 50 heroes and almost 200. Simple, you have 4x less time.

From your gamer perspective and it’s your opinion. If you narrate it as “the truth”… then it’s your truth. People can agree or disagree. You have no right to say it’s the only truth there, cause it is not.

The real problem here is the extreme lack of stamina and hero chips. With the help of maxed red skills and stats stacked through latest badges, the great majority of heroes becomes viable. BUT the expense for it is absurd, especially when it comes to hero chips.

I hope both will get improvements similar to the skill chips one cause that was great, tho I know that’s not super realistic to think about…

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Yeah, the first thing was sort-of (but not really) mitigated by former Prize Wall Hero Quests. But instead of 2k stam packs we need like… half of rapid recruitment deal (aka 23k). Or more badge crates though most don’t know how to use them. Or a correction to badge crafting needs. Or more badge bits in every stage.

Or everything said altogether, ideally.

Hero Chips…
Could be mitigated by giving guaranteed Hero Chip per Elite Camp. raid. That kinda triples those.

Max Gold Crate buy despite some arguing about it sucking all your gold… even if hypothetically the gold vanished somehow you will likely have the badges and bits you can sell. And gain 50% back anyway.

Making Video Crates better - say giving 50 random hero chips, 320 stamina consumables, 700 random skill chips and other stuff.

Making Diamond Crate drops better (return to 30 hero chips per “full hero”, which was in the game for a glorious 1 week in beta…)


Thanks, I didn’t know that.
But still, a very tiring task to fill up the slots of toons that are not planned being used and the concept is again counterintuitive.
People simply don’t equip badges on characters they don’t plan to use voluntarily.
Somehow I personally feel betrayed after all those years playing.

No problem and happy to help :-).

Well, overall depends on how many you have upgraded before, but yeah at White if not Green rank as well you don’t need to fill those slots out, the Badge Booster Crates don’t count them :-).

But yeah, all characters above R5 or so and especially over R10 is a pain stamina wise.

So yeah, what I suggest is to actually use the Badge Booster Crates for the higher slots to save yourself from burning out, the less expensive ones you can craft yourself like the 6th slot that only use 2 badges to craft.

I typically craft the badges that cost between 0-5/7 million gold, the rest can the Badge Booster Crates take care of :-).

Actually, I have the right to say it. You also have the right to disagree. I never claimed it to be the only truth, you made that assumption all by yourself. These are the Feedback forums and I’m leaving feedback.

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t put words in my mouth. I’m a gamer and it’s my perspective.


For reds: R0, R7, R14, Y1, …
For orange (later reds): R0, R5, R10, R15, Y0, Y5, …

I didn’t put anything in your mouth. You said “from a gamer perspective”. Yes, you are “a gamer”, but truthfully it should have said “from MY gamer perspective”.

“A gamer perspective” already hints a possibility of “a” being swapped for “general” - and that’s what’s not true.

Preach my dude!!!

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The only time I spent money was when some 2 or 4 dollar deals for gold were actually good. Then I saved up to 1 billion the rest of the way.

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