Toon Concepts

Here I will share my ideas of who I think should be in the game.

Colette :star::star:
A Front line damage hero

Chefs Fury: Colette gets angry granting herself attack speed and X armor.

Clean Your Station: Colette throws dirty dishes at the furthest enemy dealing X Fantastic damage.

Bread Snap: Colette snaps a baguette healing herself for X health

Fresh Food: Bread Snap now heals any damage unit.

Basic attack: Colette dices enemies with duel knives

Entrance: Colette sharpens her knives, preparing for battle

Victory: Colette Crosses her arms and winks
Defeat: Colette throws her knives on the floor with a red face
Friendships: Anger, Ursula
Ursula: A new brew. Allies Baymax, Moana, Wall-e. Increases Damage by 10%
Anger: Order Overwhelming. Allies Joy, Tia Dalma, Sulley. At the start of battle all of Colette’s allies gain attack speed and Increased attack lasting for 20 seconds

A back line control hero

Paralyzed By Fear: Fear Goes Crazy Paralyzing enemies and giving fear a shield with X shield HP
(New Status) Paralyzed: Multiple effects. Stun, Charm, Cursed, slow attack speed,

Brain Freeze!: Fear freezes all tanks in the battlefield dealing X normal damage to enemies and healing X health for allies.

Scary memory: Fear throws a purple memory ball scaring all enemies dealing X normal damage to any support or control enemy

Fear Over All: Paralyzed By Fear and Brain Freeze Scare enemies
This skill has a chance to fail on enemies over level X.

Friendships: Rex
Rex: Intimdating Dino. Allies Anger, Ursula, Hercules. Fear now is immune to scares or stuns
Basic attack: Fear throws any memory ball
Victory: Fear high fives himself making him happy
Defeat: Fear gets scared and falls on the floor.
Entrance: Fear comes into battle terrified

Donald Duck⭐️
A midline damage hero

Oh phewy: Donald Duck gets angry and does a fury attack until the enemy is KO’d
This skill loses effectiveness for enemies above level X
(True damage)

Duck Rage: Donald loses his temper granting him attack speed and X health

So Stingy: Every three basic attacks Donald steals life from an enemy granting Donald X armor

More, More, More!: When Donald reaches zero HP he comes back to battle with X health and 10 seconds of invincibility

Basic attack: Donald shapes his hat into a boomerang and tosses hit
Victory: Donald relieves himself with a sigh
Defeat: Donald stomps on the floor
Entrance: Donald Duck walks in pridefully

Friendships: Colette, Darkwing Duck,

Two Much Rage: Allies. Olaf, Alice, Jack Jack
Any damage hero with Donald grants Donald more attack speed

Birds Of A Feather: allies. Fear, Mr. Incredible, Miguel.
Donald now heals from 5% of damage He has done.

Honey Lemon​:star::star::star:
A midline support hero

Bubble Blast: Honey Lemon throws a chemical bubble dealing X splash fantastic damage

Chemical Shield: Honey Lemon throws a Pink bubble at the ally with the lowest health giving a shield with X shield HP

Smoke Screen: Honey Lemon throws a blue bubble blinding all enemies
This skill has a chance to fail for enemies over level X

Chain Reaction: Smoke Screen and Chemical Shield deal X true damage

Basic attack: Honey Lemon throws red and yellow Orbs or bubbles
Victory: Honey Lemon throws a handful of orbs into the air creating fireworks
Defeat: Honey Lemon gets barraged by microbots overwhelming her

Friendships, hiro

Nerd Shool: allies, Joy, Quorra, Timone & Pumbaa
Bubble Blast now slows enemies

Sour Bill​:star::star:
A midline control hero

Sour attitude: Sour Bill throws sour candy dealing x normal damage over time for 9 seconds

Trap Door Mat: Sour Bill pulls the switch stunning all enemies
This has a chance to fail for enemies over level x

Sugar Sweep: Sour Bill sweeps up some candy and throws it at the furthest enemy charming them
This has a chance to fail for enemies over level X

Too Sour: Sugar Sweep and Trap door mat now deal X normal damage over time

Basic Attack:throws candy
Victory: Sour Bill smiles a little bit
Defeat: Sour Bill sighs and looks down

Friendships: Wreck it Ralph

Ralph: Tangy Flavor. Allies, Merlin, Donald Duck, Violet
When Sour Bill gets damaged the enemie gets 10% damage back