Top 10 Heroes I Never Really Used In Friend Campaigns

Welcome to another top 10 for the game. This time, I will be ranking on the heroes I never really used in that were available in friend campaigns. Let’s begin.

Number Ten - Gothel
I did work on her in Prize Wall, but never really made more progress. Her attack looks different. She gains 300 energy every basic attack she preforms.

Number Nine - Sheriff of Nottingham
I’ve worked on him sometimes. But I never really used him. Basically if I had him on red and unlock his red skill, this will make revives keep the curse on the enemy.

Number Eight - Bunsen from the Muppets
His basic attack is different. He spawns beakers and any of his clones would manually explode when they reach 0 HP.

Number Seven - Rocketeer
My Rocketeer seems to get KO’d most of the time. I do work on him rarely.

Number Six - Disgust from Inside Out
I don’t use her that often. She can have a bit of a chance of stealing any buffs like Queen of Hearts reflect.

Number Five - Sadness from Inside Out
This hero felt like I was a ghost or an angel until a cloud comes and she damages the team with rain.

Number Four - Sarah Sanderson
Sarah isn’t too bad, but I don’t have Winnie disk yet. I think Billy would prevent her from getting KO’d.

Number Three - Carl from Up
This hero seems to look great. His green skill can damage all enemies by saying something to them.

Number Two - Evil Queen
She only damages one hero with either her white or green skill, but not all. I did have to work on her and made some progress on Mr. Big’s campaign. (Baloo)

Before I get to 1, I would like to show you the honorable mentions.
Minnie Mouse
Duff from Kim Possible
Kaa the Snake

Number One - Audrey from Atlantis
I knew that she would possibly get insta-killed for some reason. Possibly she’s on tier D. That’s the hero that I never really used but rarely.

What there something that I missed? You can see what heroes that I need to work on for any friend campaigns. (Ex: Audrey from Atlantis in 22 from Soul-Quackerjack campaign)

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