Top 10 Horrific Enemies in the City Watch

City Watch has got to be the worst game modes of all time. My heroes kept getting insta-killed from Mulan, Zeus, Ian, etc. for some reason. I would use Magica (Jafar disk) to counter enemies for KO’ing my heroes or Kronk to trap door an enemy if things get much worse or impossible. So, why not pick 10 of them? Today, I’m ranking on the heroes that insta-kill one of my heroes. Please note that it’s my opinion of the enemies that I picked. With that said, let’s begin.

  1. Shego
    Oh my gosh, her white skill can damage my heroes several times. Quite possibly the best unfair hero on the tier list. Well if she was link by Meg and became invincible after Meg is KO’d she will activate her white skill and kill my whole team 8 times.

  2. Ian from Onward (Goliath Disk) + Meg from Hercules (Shank Disk)
    Yikes. This pair will make 3 enemies gain reflect and that is not good. Pete (Minnie Disk) would stun the enemies who gain reflect, Perry’s red skill can remove it with his purple skill and I could use Tron to remove that buff. After removing the buff and KO’ing out Meg, the linked enemy gains invincibility. Totally frightening.

  3. Mulan
    This hero insta-kills my whole team with her white skill which is pronounced as a super crit. She always dodges and gains shield too many times. I think it will be better if I had to use a hero that has invincibility from skill either using Kermit or Kronk on my team.

  4. Zeus from Hercules (Hades Disk)
    People do use Zeus because he uses his white skill at the start of each wave. He kills my whole after a few seconds. Thankfully I can use Mary to hex him for 6 seconds or possibly Elsa (red skill) to freeze him for 8 seconds.

  5. Mim (Magica Disk)
    Gosh, this has got to be worse than Mary (LSB). That disk hexes my heroes for 10 seconds and removes all hardy stacks. It even does that in the campaign. Same thing at number 6. Mad Hatter or Donald.

  6. Mary from Hocus Pocus (LSB disk)
    This hero hexes my heroes at the start of battle and it’s a massive brick wall. I tried using Mad Hatter, but nothing happened. I didn’t work on my Donald in order to absorb hexes. I might promote him to yellow rank if it’s possible. I would also give him a red skill when the debuffed ally is healed if he fails to absorb it.

  7. Jim from Treasure Planet
    This hero gives 300 energy to him and his allies at the start. My plan was to use Mim (Magica disk) or Mary from Hocus Pocus (LSB disk) to make his whole team hexed at the start.

  8. Aladdin
    He starts with his purple skill and kills one of heroes. I think invincibility would help.

  9. Bolt the Dog
    For this hero, his attack and movement speeds increase when he has more energy. All of his skills could instantly KO my heroes for some reason.

  10. Dash from the Incredibles
    This hero that has a red skill that is way too fast. He is untargetable when attacking.

Honorable Mentions.
Ron from Kim Possible
Baymax (after refresh)

How is my top 10 enemies in the City Watch? Is it good, bad or what?

Baymax (Ol) with maxed level is just suicide pack right now.


We’re working on this for season 2 of Patch so some of these City Watch modes don’t become too difficult due to the Hero stat changes.


Uhm how about limiting the City Watch Enemies to those “released before X” and additionally those “not refreshed after X”… X of course being some specific time, say a year ago? So 11-22-2021

If the hero stat changes could be reflected in their power rating, that seems like the easiest fix :man_shrugging:


That would fix a lot of issues and confusion. The power ratings needs to be recalibrated for all heroes.


I feel like meilin lee causes problems to fight, at the same time somehow everyone breaks kermits invincibility making me think I waste my time on him like I have with kronk

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