Total Drama Island!

So… I kinda ended Big Brother… :neutral_face:
BUT! I will start a new series That Will Actually Have an Ending! :rofl: I have decided to do… total drama! And special thanks to @Champion_David for writing the competitions! :hugs::star_struck: Here are the teams:

Killer Bass

Screaming Gophers

*** hi my dear friend!!!
There Will Be At Least One Episode Every Week! I will be fully writing these story’s so, it will take longer, here’s how it works…

I will write an episode and the competition! You will then vote for which team you want to win, based on the story, then the team who wins will be safe from Elemination, While the loosing teAm will have to send one of their own home, which will be decided by you! :hugs:

I plan to release the first episode sometime tommorow so stay tooned!

Have Fun! :crazy_face:


Episode 1: Wouldn’t Let Me Dress Right Part 1👗

Chris: Welcome To Season 1 Of The Hottest New Reality Television Show! I’m Chris… Mclain! And Welcome To Total Drama Island!

[Insert Theme Song Here lol]

Chris: Let’s Introduce Are Contestants!

Welcome! Killer Bass!
Magica De Spell
Kim Possible
Mr. Incredible

Welcome! Screaming Gophers!

Horned King

Today’s challenge is a Fashion show!

Each person will dress up to match the theme. Me As the HoSt, I get to choose the theme!

I looked between the three themes: Fantasy, Band, Frontier.

I thought them through carefully, then selected Fantasy.

I have chosen Fantasy, everyone dress up!

Everyone began to riffle thrpugh the racks of clothing.

One Member From Each Team Will Participate!
Goofy: Killer Bass
Stitch: Screaming Gophers!

Goofy pulled out a chicken outfit and tried it on, but decoded against using it since Chickens are not fantasy.

Stitch selected a glowing sparkling dress with a long flowing cape, he then pulled on some fairy wings.

Stitch roved through the clothes, tearing some and biting a chunk out of an outfit that Goofy was considering. Finally he stopped and put on a spacesuit, aliens were fantasy to the general public after all.

Goofy dropped the chicken costume he had been considering and walked over to a different section, he selected a bunny suit, and grabbed a basket of eggs to go with it. Easter bunnies are cute, and fantasy, so he should be good in that.

Meanwhile, Stitch struggled to pickout a good putfit…he finally settled with a broccoli costume. A broccoli this big must be a fantasy.

So who will the audience vote for?

Thanks @Champion_David For creating this competition!

And… The Screaming Gophers Win Reward!! And Immunity!!!

Back At Camp The Killer Bass discuss who to eleminate…

Goofy: Well I volunteer to be eleminated gulp

Magica: No You Voul Fool!! Kim Should Be Eleminated She’s A “Bi-

Kim: Don’t Talk To Me Like That Maybe You Should Say Good Bye…

The Elemination Ceremony Begins…

If you do not receive a Egg you are out!

Goofy… :egg:
Doof… :egg:
Syndrome… :egg:
Mr. incredible… :egg:
Kim… :egg:

Magica! Your out! The boat of Losers Awaits!

Episode 2: Wouldn’t Let Me Dress Right Part 2🐔

Once Again Thank You To @Champion_David
For creating this episode! Couldn’t do it alone lol :partying_face::joy:
Chris: Well, you already lost one member, but there is more to loose! So sit back and get ready for the ticket outta here which goes to some unlucky person.

Yesterday’s fashion featured is gonna be continued in todays Fashion Frenzy!

Chris: Today, your team will all have to work together, to dress a animal. Since Stitch’s team won, they get to choose their animal first.
The animals are: a Chimpanzee, and an Elephant! choose carefully and choose wisely. HeHeHe These Ones are feisty haha

Stitch team discussed it for a moment.

“The Elephant is large, leave it to the other team.” The Horned King Hissed.

“Uh no way! Elephants are amazing, besides, I have an idea of how to dress an elephant,” Jasmine said.

“O.O” Flik silently stared at the giant creature in terror.

Pinnochio liked the Chimpanzee, of course.

“Pft, Whutever” Candace said then went back to texting Jeremy.

The choice is Stitch’s.

Stitch walked up, and hugged the Chipanzee, and then brought it back.

“No hard to dress Chimp Anzee.” Stitch said firmly.

" Gawrsh. How can we possibly dress such a huge creature, even if we had the right clothes? " Goofy asked.

“Behold! My latest invention! The Increasinator!!
It can increase the size of any none living thing. I think.” Doof proclaimed.

everyone looked through the clothes till they found something that looked like it would fit the elephant well.

Chris: Doof’s machine worked wonders!! Haha Sick

“Now we just gotta get the clothes on the elephant.” Kim replied.

“Leave that to me!” Said Mr. Incredible. He went and lifted up the elephant, but then it stomped him.

Syndrome came up and shot a zero point energy blast, lifting the elephant up easily.

“Sorry Incredishame. I got this :grin:” Syndrome teased.

Kim used her grabbling hook to help pull the clothes on, their elephant did not look to bad.

After they had finished, Goofy painted the face, for decorations, with the help of Doof.


“He just will not let us put those clothes on!” Flick cried.

  • The chimp was gnawing on Pinocchio 's finger*

“Aw Gee guys, he is so harmless.”

" I told you we should get the elephant, but no, you would not listen to me huh Stitch, this is on you! I know who I am voting for tonight." Jasmine said savagly

“Let me destroy this Chimp, then we will win, and if Chris will not agree, then I will destroy him too!” The Horned King Said eerily.

“Candace no will help her Ohana?” Stitch asked the texting Candace.

“Go away blue boy, I have better things to do.” Candace said nonchalantly.

Jasmine walked over to Candace and grabbed her phone. “Uh uh. If you will not help us figure this out, you are not getting this back. And I will make sure you get kicked out of here in shame. How dare you not help your team!” Jasmine said sharply.

The two stared at each other for a moment longer, then Candace stood and grabbed a handful of clothes. When you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. Come here you silly ape!

Candace grabbed the Chimpanzee, and a fight unfolded like no other, at the end, Candace had a few scratches, but the Chimp was in his outfit, right as the bell rang!


Chris: Now ladies and gentlemen of the forums, decide who will be sending one team member home, and who will not.

Chris: AND! The Screaming Gophers Continue There Streak And Have Won This Competition!

But! This Was A Reward Challenge So No One Is Heading Home! Tune In Next Time To See And Out Of This World Competition And Who Will Be Eleminated Next? Find Out Next Time! On Total, Drama, Island!

Episode 3: Silly Nilly Forest Friendly🏕

Today, we leave the amazing things of fashion behind us, and head deep into the woods for some good old camping. Nothing like camping out in a dark forest to experience nature to its fullest.

Today’s challenge, will be a hike through the woods, not a walk through the park!

Do you guys like hunting? Cuz we LOVE hunting. Turns out, what you guys did to those animals yesterday has made some of their friends, very angry.

We have set loose 30 animals in this forest, some big, some small. Your jobs are to temporarily immobilize the creatures, once you do that, the pad that is on them will light up, tap the color of your team on the pad, and it will change to that color and broadcast it back to us. The team that gets more colored pads wins!

Killer Bass, you team color is red.

Screaming Gophers, your team color is yellow.

You all decide your strategy, the limit is anywhere in this woods, till you run into a fence.

Oh, and one more thing. Since the Screaming Gophers won yesterday’s challenge, they get a 10 minute headstart.

Alright, Ready, set,


The Screaming Gophers all took off.

After a little discussion, some of them paired off.

The Horned King headed off on his own. Meanwhile, Stitch, Pinnochio, and Flik also formed a group.

Candace and Jasmine formed the final group. Alll three separated. Each heading in different directions.

Stitch’s group saw a deer, and began to chase after it, but the deer was too fast for them to catch. Stitch ran even faster, speeding past Flick and Pinnochio. After a few more seconds, he was gone from their sights.

“Gosh, he sure does move fast.” Pinnochio said.
“Yah, I guess it is just you and me, huh Pinnochio?” Flick replied.
“Yah, we had better stay together.” Pinnochio said.
Then he looked around, Flick was gone.
“Flick??” Pinnochio called.

Stitch raced up and headbutted the deer, slamming him against the tree. The light blinked on, and Stitch chose his teams color, giving them a point!

Stitch smiled and clapped two of his hands together, as he continued through the forest in search of other creatures, the last thing on his mind was the two teamates he had left behind.

“I swear, if you do not out your phone away, I will smash it against a rock!” Jasmine said irratedly.

"But Jasmine, haven’t you ever loved someone? It is so hard to be apart. " Candace answered.

“I know, I have Aladdin back home rooting for me, just like I know you have Jeremy rooting for you. So why don’t we give em the best show we can? I think that us two ladies gling head to toe in the finals would be lots of fun. Don’t you?” Jasmine asked

Candace quickly sent Jeremy another text.

“Yah I suppose so.” Candace answered.

"Okay, then please put your phone away. " Jasmine requested.

Candace rolled her eyes, but put her phone away. Just then they reached a river.

Candace looked in the river and saw a crab, with a small pad attached to it.

“Look, that crab.” Candace said.

Jasmine peered into the water.

“You are right! Let’s get it!” Jasmine and Candace carefully began advancing towards the crab from opposite sides.

A frog with a pad on its back leapt in front of the Horned King. The Horned King destroyed it, and the Pad.

“Stupid frog, I will only catch an animal worthy of my touch.” He whispered to himself.

A deer stared at him from a thicket. The Horned King advanced toward it menacingly.

Ten minutes later

Alright, Killer Bass, you are free to head out!

Syndrome quickly flew off, Mr. I and Kim split off, and Doof and Goofy also split off.

“Ack!” Door said. " was that poison Ivy? "

He brushed against some moss growing from the side of a tree

“Pretty sure that is Poisonous too.” Doof said wearily.

“Gawrsh Mr. Doofensmirtz, I didn’t know you were so scared of the woods” Goofy Commented.

“Well I prefer the city, and my lab to the outdoors.”

As they walked along, cautiously. Goofy fell into a concealed pit, Doof failed to take notice this, and continued walking for a little while before he realized Goofy was gone.

“Goofy? Where are you?”

something moved in the bushes next to him.

“Oh, Goofy, there you are. I was worried I thought some awful beast might have got you.”

A monster of a bear rose out of the bushes growling. Doof turned around to see it.


“AHHH!” Doof screamed and ran, and the bear gave chase for a little ways then stopped and started investigating a tree that looked like it had a bee hive.

As he ran, he saw a giant Ant in front of him.

“AAH!!!” Doof screamed again.

" AAH!! " Flik screamed.

“AAH!” They both screamed together.

" You, you are a giant ant! "

“Why are you wearing such an ugly mask, you could scare people to death with that thing on.” Flik said.

“No, this is my actual face, but you are not the first to mistake it for a mask.” Doof said Casually.

“So, you are my enemy?” Flik asked.

“Well, yes, but since we are both lost in the woods maybe we can work together?” Doof suggested.

“Well… Okay…” Flik said.

“Oh, you don’t know any platypuses? Platypi? How am I supposed to say that.” Doof wondered.

“Uh…no” Flick answered.

“Well in that case, we should work together.” Doof said.

"Heave! " Said Kim.

“Okay, one more good push!” Mr. I said.

“Grrrraaaahhh!” Kim said.

The elephant fell down, tripped by Kim’s grappling Hook wire. Mr. Incredible tapped the pad on its back and selected their team.

“Five down, quite a few more to go.” Kim said.
“Phew, you are really good as a hero, and your strong too.”

“Thanks, I am always trying to get stronger.”

“You ready to go take down another?” Kim asked.

“Yah just– heavy breathing – One more second to catch my breath.” Mr. Incredible said.

Syndrome flew through the air, he had already taken out one bird, it never even saw him coming. He stopped outside a cave.

“Must be some good ones in here, should be fun.” He smiled then laughed evily.

"Okay, Got it! " Jasmine said as she pressed the last button on the third crab they had found. Her and Candace’s hands were all red with welts where the crabs had pinched them.

“Let’s keep moving.” Jasmine said.

As Flik and Doof walked along, they spotted a tortoise slowly staggering along. The two lookad at each other than both charged after the Tortoise, Flik tackled Doof, and the two began wrestling as the Tortoise s-l-o-w-l-y crawled away.

Attention everyone! We have released tp special creatures to be caught. Two team members have been tagged with a pad, find them and tag 'em to earn 3 points from it, you can tag either team member from either team.

“Did you hear that??” Kim asked as she and Mr. I battled an anaconda.

“Yes” Mr. I said, stryggling to hold the snakes mouth at bay. The pad was right on top of its head.

Kim swung around the tree with grappling hook, tying the snake down, and then pressing the buttons for her team.

"Let’s go find them! " She said.

Pinnochio walked along, someone had attached something to his back, but he did not reall y care, it did not hurt at all. Suddenly he saw Kim and Mr. I charging straight for him. In a panic, he turned and staryed running away, but they got him quickly and Mr. I held him down while Kim pressed the bitton, claiming the points he had unknowingly been caring on his back.

“Gawrsh, this thing is really uncomfortable, why couldn’t they have put it somewhere else” Goofy grumbled.

Suddenly Syndrome landed next to him, and zapped him with his zero point energy. Then pressed the pad and claimed the points, before flying away again.

Over the next 30 minutes, everyone found pads and got the points to their team, that is everyone except for two contestants.

Doof shuffled along Flik holding Doof’s leg.

“Let go of me!” Doof commanded.

“I have been useless to my team thus far, I will get that point before you.”

Flik tripped Doof and ran up and smacked the pad on the tortoises back, as he was about to click the yellow button, Doof tackled him and his finger slipped, tapping the red button instead.

Just then, the buzzar rang.

Alll animals have been found. Plz return to the gates.

after everyone was reassembled

It was a close game, but in the end, Killer Bass won the game, 17 to 16.

“What how?” Jasmine demanded.

'There were 30 animal points, plus the 3 bonus for each should total 36. Your score totals 33."

“Well yah, however, Horned King was destroying the creatures instead of tagging them. Cannot count what was npt tagged.”

“Is that so?” Jasmine turned and left with a huff.

We will see you all for the elimination to night. Who do you think is going home?

Screaming Gophers, as the losers of the challenge you will be sending someone home… if you receive a Egg you are safe, if you do not, YOURE gone, for good… and you can never come back! EVER!

Candice! :egg:
Flik! :egg:
Stitch! :egg:
Pinnocchio! :egg:

And The Final Egg Goes To…

Jasmine! :egg:

Horned King! You are GONE!

Which Team Will win the next challenge? And who will be sent home? Find out next time On Total Drama ISLAND!!

Episode 4: Cast Of The Love Triangle❤️

Thank You To Our Writer! @Champion_David I did not wright any of this lol

Chris: Yesterday’s challenge has ended with the Horned King going home, good thing too, seriously I thought that guy might go out of control.

But enough about all of that. Today, we have something else very special planned for you! :smirk:

Today’s challenge is called, Is it love?

We have some very special guests joining us today, but first, we need some volunteers.
chris proceeded to select Candace, Jasmine, Mr. i, and Goofy. They all entered the ring.

Today’s special guests are: Aladdin, Jeremy, Elastigirl, and Clarabelle!

We have two people from each team, however the rules for this competition are not as you may have expected.

The challenge is an obstacle course. With a certain partner we have selected for you…


Candace bounced up and down.

You get Alladin.

“!!! :frowning:” Candace said nothing, completely stunned. well, he is kina cute too I guess, but isn’t he Jasmine’s husband?!?!! she thought.

:astonished:” Jasmine was just as shocked.

Jasmine, you get Jeremy. I get this shrimp of a kid, with strange hair, who likes Candace, while she gets my husband??!? Jasmine thought.

Mr.I , you get Clarabelle.

A cow… :unamused:

Goofy you get Elastigirl.

Gawrsh :neutral_face: why do I get this strange creature and Mr. incredible gets my honey boo? Goofy wondered.

So, this challenge is simple. Each of you will FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!

Oh, but before we get into that, there has been a slight game changer. Candace, Goofy, You two are switching sides, but not partners. :grin:

Now, onto the FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!

Okay, apparently we are not allowed to actually kill anyone on this show, who knew? So we will settle for the next best thing. KO’s!

To win this game, you must beat your couple. If the same sides wins both times, then that is the end, but if one team on each side wins, then they must fight each other. The winning team members get to enjoy 10 minutes with there present loved one, while the losers get to send someone home.

The rules? There are no rules, your partner may choose to help or hinder you, it is up to them.

Let’s see, how should we pair this up? Let’s go ladies on ladies and fellows on fellows.

First Round, Jas vs Can!

Jasmine walked into the arena, everyone was allowed one weapon, Jasmine picked a long foam staff. Jeremy selected a single foam nunchuck. As they marched into the arena.

“Alright, pretty boy, you try to hold me back and I will beat you with this till your yellow hair turns black like it is supposed too.” Jasmine told him.

“Um, this is its natural color, it is called blonde, and I cannot just let you beat up Candace!” Jeremy answered.

“Well then you will be very badly bruised trying to stop me.” Jasmine replied.

Jeremy gulped

“Plz help me take out Your wife?” Candace begged as she grabbed a mallet from the stack of foam weapons.

“Um, I have this thing about hitting my wife…or letting other people hit her, she is too beautiful to let someone else mess up her pretty face.” Aladdin told her, grabbing a foam saber.

“Yah, but she is gonna beat me up! And I am pretty to right?” Candace reasoned.

“Well… You are kinda pretty I guess, but my wife is beautiful, you simply cannot compare to her.” Aladdin said.

Candace was silent.

“Well well, the turncoat” Jasmine said to Candace.
“I still hope that us ladies can make it too the finals together, maybe your team will bot eliminate you, even though you will fail here.”

As Candace charged with her Mallet, Aladdin pulled it from her hand and took a step back Jasmine swung her staff, slamming it into Candace. Candace fell back, stunned.

Then Jeremy came in on the side, he hooked his foam nunchuck around Jasmine’s staff and ripped it from her grasp.

“You can do this Candace, I believe in you!” Jeremy called.

“You do? :heart_eyes:” Candace said.

“Yes–” *Jasmine kicked him in his face, and he fell back. *

“Nobody messes with Jeremy’s picture perfect face!” Candace telled as she charged Jasmine barehanded.

Aladdin looked stunned visibly, as he waited a moment to see what would happen.

Candace charged forward, and Jasmine tripped her, then sat on her back as she pulled her arm back, in a ferocious deadlock.

“Sorry honey, but you have got nothing on me in this fight. Now yield or I will have to hit Jeremy’s face again.” Jasmine demanded.

Candace hammered the sand three times…declaring her defeat. She had failed her team, but at least Jeremy’s face was still mostly perfect.

Round Two!

since there are supers in this round, they may not pick up any weapins. Goofy grabbed a foam Axe, Clarabelle grabbed a long whip.

"Hmm, Mr. Incredible. " Elastigirl said, leaving Goofy in her dust.

“Elastigirl.” Mr. I said. "It would seem we have been pitted against each other.

“Yes it would, however, do we resist and work together, or fight against each other?” Elastigirl asked. "Cuz honestly ? I could go either way. "

"I guess we should respect the teams we have been assigned and go against each other. " Mr. I commented.

“If you say so,” Elastigirl traced her finger over Mr. I’s shoulder. She slowly came in closer, her lips slightly parted, then in a flash, she had coiled around Mr. I, tying him up.

As he struggled, Elastigirl called out to Goofy.
“Goofy, get Clarabelle! Quickly!”

but there was no need for Goofy to do so, Clarabelle had accidentally fallen and gotten all tangled up in the whip she had, she lost the battle before it began.

Well, that is it now, The Screaming Gophers have taken the victory, and the Killer Bass have an elimination coming up. :smiling_imp:

I wonder who is going home next, in




Chris: Welcome Back, Killer Bass You Have Decided Who To Send Home, And jumping right to it, And Without A Surprise, Mr. Incredible You Are Gone! Everyone Else Gets An Egg! :egg: tune in next time Where there is a swap in eggs! Hehe :grin: Hint Hint lol

Episode 5: Total Drama Revamp! 🗝

Welcome back, yesterday, after a close elimination, Mr. I was sent home. It is a shame to, now the Killer Bass have lost their muscle. But, they do have a noice replacement for a silly clutz, they got Candace.

Yesterday’s team switches were only the beginning,
Today, we will be switching things up a lot more, in more ways than one.

We have a arranged a few team switches to make the game a bit more balanced.

Firstly, we want to keep one villain on each team. As such, Syndrome will be heading over to the Screaming Gophers!

Secondly, we wanna add some zing to the other team, as such, Flick and Kim possible will be swapping places.

Last but not least, Stitch, you have a new Ohana now, head on over to Killer Bass.

That is all the crew changes, we will give you a chance to talk to your new teammates, make sure you enjoy the social time, while you do that, we will discuss y’all with our audience.

“Stitch meet new Ohana, give out hugs!” Stitch said.

“Ugh, you again. Here I was happy to be away from you.” Candace rolled her eyes.

"Well Dr. Doof, looks like we are teammates now. " Flik said.

“Yah, together we will invent whatever it takes to go to the finals.” Doof declared.

“Gawrsh, Mr. Syndrome it is nice to have you back on my team.” Goofy said.

“Giminy! Your boots are on fire!” Pinocchio warned.

“No no, they are supposed to be, it is how I fly.” Syndrome assured him.

Jasmine grabbed his hair and pulled.

“Hey!” Syndrome said.

“Why do you have such strange hair too? This is not blonde, it is Orange.” Jasmine asked.

“Heh, yah I know isn’t it amazing?” Syndrome said, then winked at her.

Let’s have a character discussion.

First up, Stitch.

Stitch no doubt has achieved the greatest following in our audience, but they vote for him based on what he has done outside of the show not inside.

He has earned the wrath of Jasmine, and the distaste of Candace. Is he safe? Perhaps.

Second up, Kim Possible.

She has been useful in most of the rounds thus far, but she has yet to make something that makes her stand out, which may be a good thing since she is less likely to be eliminated. She has not yet made any enemies that she knows of.

Next, Candace.

Candace was the single crucial member in getting that Chimp dressed up, she also worked well in the forest game, but nearly lost in an elimination against Mr. I.

The hate she has, is especially well developed in the eyes of the audience who, like for Stitch look at her from what she has done her shows, not what she has done thus far in the game.

It is rather difficult to determine whether or not she and Jasmine are friends enemies what, noe that they are on separate teams, she may be safer?

Next, Goofy.

With his silly attit and all around Clutzyness, Goofy bombed the first challenge, he was lucky enough to have Magica there to shield him from the wrath of elimination. He has yet to show any uses, but perhaps he will in one of the trials ahead?

Next, Jasmine.

Jasmine has been rather cold and demanding thus far, still she can put her money where her mouth id and that gives her quite a chance.

She has not seemed to develop any main enemies, but if she continues with her current attitude, she just might strike out.

Next, Syndrome.

Syndrome has had his uses in the past challenges, but he has not distinguished himself yet, he has a great chance of going to the finals now that Mr.I, the only one who truly knows what he is capable of, is gone.

Next, Pinocchio

Pinnochio has got nothing going for or against him yet this season, which is good, perhaps he will surprise us all and take home the trophy, perhaps?

Dr. Doof is next.

Doof has a surprising chance so far, his genius ability has certainly been recognized, and will almost certainly keep him alive until the end of the teams, at which point, he may become a high priority target.

Who knows, maybe he will make enough alliances to carry him to the finals, but their can only be two.

Flik is the last of the bunch.I

Flik has thus far, caused more harm than good, failing to claim a single point for his team, and accid giving a point to the other team, the team he is now on, which may put him in some great positioning, may.

That is all for this discussion, and for this episode, join us next time for some gritty Drama, and of course, an elimination. Because From Now On! Everyone Who Is Sent Home Will Vote For The Winner!

Some time within the next few episodes, a special someone may receive a popularity bonus, so who is your favorite character thus far? Vote for them now.

found in comments

Episode 6: Back To School AGAIN! 📕

Chris: Welcome back, after yesterday’s anticlimactic day of revamping and discussing, today we plan to pour on the cool, or should I say, pour on the school!

I know you all loved your school years, so we decided to bring them back, this may be a first for some of you, but that shouldn’t be too big a problem for this challenge.

Todays challenge, you all are gonna be doing a treasure hunt! And by treausre, i mean school supplies, and by hunt, I mean search meticulously after getting a not very helpful hint.

Both teams need to find all the items that these riddles represent, and bring them back here to fill their schoolbag.

Oh, this would be to easy if that were it, so we have made another rule. Each member of your team must find the object, without the help of the others!

Now, obviously, the teams are unbalanced as the Screaming Gophers have one less than Killer Bass.

To compensate this, one member of Screaming Gophers can go twice, you all can decide amongst yourselves who that should be, later. For now, first two peeps plz head to the starting lines.

Candace and Kim both walk up to the starter line.

Now, here is the riddle:

Long and slender, but
Thin and tender.
Some like to chew on it,
Others get hit by it.


Candace and Kim both took off. To both of these girls, it was obvious that the answer was a pencil. Tje question was, where to look for a pencil in a school this large? Classrooms? Principle office? Library?

They both entered to different classrooms and began looking around for a pencil, but neither found one in either classroom. They nearly ran into each other in their hurry to enter the principle’s office, but they found nothing. Finally, Candace found a pencil underneath the chalkboard and ran back to her team’s backpack, dropping it in.

Kim came back moments later, only she carried a ruler.

Okay, Candace came back faster. Next two.

Jasmine and Doof both walked up to the starting line.

Okay, so far two people have different ideas about what the first clue means, let’s see what you to do.

Here is your riddle:

many colors shapes and sizes,
Useful when you realize that you
made a mistake in your work.


*Jasmine and Doof both took off, Doof scampefed around a corner, Jasmine followed. Unfortunately she had no idea what anything in here was…or where it was. She noticed Doof grab an eraser, and grabbed one of her own, coming in seconds behind him to the finish line.*I

Okay, next two.

Flik and Pinnochio trudged up to the starting line.

Large and wide, scratched by all.
Thin and bendy, yet sharp.

the two ran off, then stopped…neither had any idea what they were looking for. As Pinnochio wandered into a classroom, Flik grabbed a book of the shelf. As he was opening it, his finger slipped, giving him a nasty cut across the fingertip. He tore off a page and ran toward his teams backpack. meanwhile, Pinnochio had found a notebook and was heading back to the starting area. He wanted to show it to his friends, it reminded him of his old spelling book, except this was empty. When he got there, his team motioned for him to put it in their bag, he shrugged but did what they asked.

Alright, next two!

Goofy and Stitch lined up by the strating line.

Beep, boop, you tap my many buttons.

Goofy and Stitch hurried off, Goofy had been in a school before, but Stitch has not. As Goofy roamed around, he picked up a calculator and headed for the backpack. Stitch saw what Goofy had grabbed and rushed over and grabbed another one, then he raced past Goofy and tossed his calculator in his teams backpack.

Alright, Killer Bass, who is going for a round two?

after a little discussion, Candace stepped forward to face Syndrome.

Okay, want a drink? Have a snack?
You need this in order to act.

Candace and Syndrom ran off, well, Syndrome flew.
It was clear to them both that they needed to find money, but where? The cash register in the cafeteria had nothing, the same was true for the principal’s office, then Candace noticed a 2 dollar bill hanging just barely out of a vending machine. She ran up to it, and pulled the return money button, the dollar bill rolled out, and she retrieved it and headed back to her team. About 2 minutes later, Syndrome arrived with his own money.

ALright, you all did good, but…Candace ruler was the right answer, you lost that round, however, Flik, rininf part of a book is not what we wanted, you were suppose to bring a blank canvase.

Other than that, time limits make Killer bass the losers, who will the screaming gophers eliminate? Sttay tuned to find out!

Episode 7: Reach For The Stars!✨

Coming Soon!

Episode 8: Dial M For MERGE! 🔢

Coming Soon!

Episode 9: Double Double Double 🤼‍♂️

Coming Soon!

Episode 10: 8 Down 4 to Go! 🔚

Coming Soon!

Episode 11: TDI; Aftermath! 🚧

Coming Soon!

Episode 12: 2 For 1 Finale! 🏆

Coming Soon! :crown:


Ummm…could you maybe do this with disney characters??


Aww the Disney big brother never had a proper ending. Well then I guess I’ll make it up: Stitch won!


Yes I will edit

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Can’t wait for this !!!

Episode 1 is out! Here’s the poll

  • Stitch: Screaming Gophers
  • Goofy: Killer Bass

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So that’s true… Big Brother’s house actually EXPLODED by Stitch :frowning:

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So are we voting for who had the best costume? Who we want to win/stay?

Either one

@Cookie101 this will have an end or you’ll make the show explode at the middle to start a new one?

No this will have an end

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I plan to do action as well

The rest of episode 1 is out!

Episode 2 Is here! And here’s the poll! Let’s vote!

  • Screaming Gophers?
  • Killer Bass?

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The rest of episode two is up!

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Episode three was supposed to come out today, but, It will be coming out Tommorow instead😁

Episode three is out! I will finish it later today

I think the Horned King is in trouble!

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Most likely :smirk:

Drama is so much fun!

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