Total Drama Island!

You’ll kick out the favorite and bring back one eliminated? Or challenge both for the place? I like where is going this

Not bringing anyone back, just seeing who’s the favorite so far

I’m still confused why Magica was kicked first…

Stitch is obviously the best one here!
He’s getting so much love!

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Tbh, Magica was kicked first, cuz it was hard foe me to write her in the storyline without knowing her personality (I have never seen Ducktales.)

I had a hard enough time with Horned King… :confused:

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Well… why didn’t you just put Characters you knew?

Magica is a very very good villain

I did not pick the characters :wink:

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Next Episode Will Be Posted Tommorow!

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Episode 6 is up! The rest will be uploaded later :wink:

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There has been a delay in my schedule some unexpected work stuff has arrived and I won’t have time to finish this episode yet, it will be up by the end of Tommorow hopefully, with episode 7 on Friday so please don’t give up on me I am trying :disappointed_relieved::slightly_frowning_face::relieved:


Ok so… I will have to post another thread because there is a max character limit in this one, so I will make another thread with the rest of the episodes on it, take it as Season 1 Part 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: it will be posted by the end of the day :grin: with the rest of episode 6!


Hey, what’s the end? All exploded again? You’re like the enemy of Jimmy Neutron? Just half-finish all?

Yes, I decided to focus more on my new series here, I’m not much of a fan of posting polls everyday anymore :confused:

Yup, best ending ALWAYS.

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Funny thing, you’re making polls in a different topic :laughing:

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