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I was looking around and I saw something from last year around May and I thought it was a great idea but I have some additional ideas I will link the other discussion down below btw but I saw they were talking about hero chip trading but I thought why not also trade items like badges, XP, or even coins but I know perblue need money to keep the game alive so I thought maybe it could be one of those things you unlock at a very high level like 100 but it would be a shop and it would show you 6 suggested items and it would refresh like all markets at 9pm but if you were friends with someone you can just trade with them over pms or there could be a new option in the gear icon (where the guild option unfriend option block option and where you can see their challenges) there would be a new one that is the trade icon and you can tap it and either request or confirm a trade with them

You could trade hero chips, badges, hero XP, and coins

So trade options could be

Hero chips for hero chips
Hero chips for badges
Hero chips for XP
Hero chips for coins
Badges for hero chips
Badges for badges
Badges for XP
Badges for coins
XP for hero chips
XP for XP
XP for badges
XP for coins
Coins for hero chips
Coins for XP
Coins for badges
Coins for coins << jk😂



Good idea. Sometimes when we 6* heroes, we still have extra chips which are not used any more (except in some friendship missions).

  1. Black Market
  2. Mega Market
  3. Normal Market
  4. Traders Market
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I really like this idea and hope that they take it into consideration for the game. I have a lot of badges and hero chips I don’t need anymore and can’t get rid of 'em. If we had this trade market I could finally get rid of all thr extras I have of things.

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And also get things you need :wink:



I honestly think that a trading market is extremely needed. Or at least a guild donation function for players above level 100. Make it so that you need to pay an extra to do it. I always use Jurassic World Alive as an example. There you can donate ADN (chips) to your guild buddies.



I have it! Perblue can open this market and have people pay real money to open it.

Brilliant! Cuuz then they male so much more money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



You mean we need to purchase the Trading Shop for it to be available? Dang I hope not lol



Actually that’s not all that bad it could come with vip 12 or something after vip crate it just needs to be something for them to make money and players who need it earn what they pay for

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@Polaris this is a good idea! Coulde you take it in game?



That would be my dream if they put something in the game because of a forum I made🤩



I have think about this thing to



Let’s be honest it will either be a lvl unlockable or a vip unlockable because perblue needs the moolah :money_with_wings::moneybag: