Translation errors (Italian)

Hello, I’m writing to point out some errors.

The first and funniest is “Cassa dell’Orologio della Città” which should be “Cassa della Ronda cittadina” and not “city’s clock crate” as it is now. :alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock:

In italian the Fairy Godmother is NEVER once called “Fata Madrina” (literal translation from the English), but “Fata Smemorina”, which is her correct name in the movie.

Paperino/Donald’s red skill is named after the elusive (and actually non existent) fourth nephew Phooey, and therefore it should be translated in “Oh, Que!”, which is the Italian name of that hypothetical fourth nephew (the others being Qui, Quo and Qua, respectively Huey, Dewey and Louie).

I know it’s impractical, but they should be named both “Flash”. Dash from the Incredibles was rendered as “Flash” in Italian, so it’s correct… but Flash from Zootropolis/Zootopia was never translated in “Lampo” (literal meaning).

Thank you for your kind attention and patience. :blush:

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