Treasure Planet Characters

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode should introduce characters that actually have the ability to fight such as Jim Hawkins, Dr Doppler, Capt Amelia, Mr Arrow, Long John Silver and Scroop. There is a bunch of combat capable characters that haven’t been used and for some reason I have Eeyore and Linguini/Remy (among others) that seem practically useless in a battle environment.

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IMO exactly this is the funny thing! :joy:


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It would be interesting to see treasure planet truly represented in DHBM. Maybe Jim Hawkins can be playable first.

What’s wrong with that? Lots of people like Eeyore & Linguini/Remy and I think it is great that the team gets creative and finds ways to incorporate these characters that would normally seem pretty useless in a combative atmosphere.

Treasure Planet characters still could come in the future, but no need to knock other characters in the game.


Terima kasih bagi nasihat cerita ni aku suka :tada:

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