Trevor Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: This traction engine was about to be scrap by the scrapyard cause of his old fashion, but he was giving a second chance in life thanks to Edward. So Trevor decided to use his second chance of life by helping out his friends and Jem Cole supporting Trevor, he’ll prove to everyone that he can still be a useful traction to this day.

Quote: ‘‘Just the sort of job I like, now you’ll see Thomas I’ll soon show you what traction engine can do’’
Star: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Trevor slowly enter the battlefield as he whistles 2 times, as Jem Cole surveys the area.

Victory: Jem Cole congratulates Trevor, as Trevor smile happily.

Defeat: Trevor look sad, as Jem Cole look at the enemy with a concern expression.


Basic Attack: {Passive} instead of hitting the enemy, Jem Cole look at the nearest enemy with a stern expression, an apply Sap for 7 seconds.

White Skill: Reminisce Past:
Trevor closes his eyes and remembers his past, giving him a shield with X HP and gain X Reality. While Trevor is shielded, Trevor and allies heal for X HP per 3 second.

Green Skill: Cart Misfortune:
At the start of combat, A Cart full of Hay with Z HP will be summon in the middle of the field. When the Cart is ko’d by the enemy, all enemies are blind and Sap for 15 seconds.

The Sap and Blind has a chance to fail against enemies higher than Level Y.

Blue Skill: Traction Haul:
Trevor chain up the front most enemy, Trevor then proceeds to reverse and starts to pull them until he reaches the backline. While reversing Trevor gained 80% Reduced to All Damage and the enemy is Snare while being pulled by Trevor.

Purple Skill: A Traction Engine:
Every 3 Basic Attack, Jem Cole Basic Attack marks an enemy with a Bullseye for 13 seconds. Allies are heals X HP each time they damage an enemy with a Bullseye.

For the first 6 seconds of each wave, Trevor and his Allies is immune to all Attack Speed decrease, Movement Speed decrease and Snare.

The Snare and Speed Decrease Immunity has a chance to fail on Trevor and Allies above than Level Y.

Red Skill: The Special Attraction:
Every 5 times Trevor Reality is increased from any source, he’ll gain Invincibility for 5 seconds to himself and all allies gain 60% of Normal Crit and Fantastic Crit Increase for 10 seconds.

“Traction Haul” now deal Z True Damage and apply 2 Stack of Corruption on them.

The Corruption has a chance to fail against enemies higher than Level Y.

• + Z HP Healed from “Reminisce Past”
• + Z Armor
• + Z Max HP


[Trevor and Edward]
Description: Trevor being new to the city was having a difficult time trying to find some work to do, but Jem Cole came to tell Trevor the news, that they were assigned with Edward to help the Vickers of his party that is in need of material, food and people.

Disk Name: Traction Worker
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Skill Power
• + Trevor and his Allies gain X Armor while they are Blind
• + “Traction Haul” will be used first

• After using “Traction Haul” Trevor gain Reflect for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds.

Allies: Scrooge McDuck, Neville, Dr Facilier

[Trevor and James]
Description: As Trevor was resting in the Vicarage Orchard he soon saw James stop right beside Trevor with empty truck, James then boastfully explained to Trevor that Sir Topham Hatt tasked James to deliver the apples that are in the Vicarage Orchard, and deliver them to the market.

Disk Name: A Splendid Apple
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Armor
• + Enemies lose X Reality while they are Blind
• + Enemies lose X Tenacity while they are Stun

• At the start of each Wave, all enemies are Bullseye for 5/8/11/14/17 seconds.

Allies: Hiro, Percy, Robin Hood

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