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We are almost there………………… literally :relaxed:

Well, I think I’ll chose the Dr. Facilier, I like his charisma and his song I quite like

This is seeming impossible :slightly_smiling_face:

Ursula because she is very sassy and sarcastic… diva :alien::relaxed:

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Woohoo 25 posts :alien::heart_eyes:

Literally Fun and Games without the rule of Double/Triple post so I see possible if everyone start making spam :stuck_out_tongue:

(If you call the @2015 how much time they can close the topic? :thinking:)

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Let’s get started :relaxed::slightly_smiling_face::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::rofl::no_mouth:, what’s everyone favorite horror movies or just favorite movie?

it’s at post 33…

Wow…… wow!

I think Pirates of the Caribbean

Mine is probably Coraline, fun movie.

My favorite horror movie is hereditary

Also nice Movie

@PawpsicleSticks, 33rd post, @BlackBOY

Good to know wow!

Horror? Tod Browning’s Freaks. Overall? Probably It’s a Wonderful Life.

Good choice, I wanna watch that one day.

If Disney, i would go with Scar, i don’t know why i just like him, for non-Disney Probably Shigaraki from bnha, bc i like how he’s written that’s all.

I haven’t watched many horror movies so i’ll probably go with Coraline, i don’t know about favorite movie bc i can’t choose

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Probably Scar, because he’s pretty malicious

BlackBOY got Edgar’s costume!

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