Trident Badge Error

Trident badge is not working… I have purchased ones with diamonds from the black market, and they show up in my inventory, but I cannot equip them to characters who only need the trident badge, like vanellope lvl 4 purple. The same thing happens with badge chips from the team trials.

I think that’s because they’re Badge or Plan Bits?

You need to craft the complete Badge to equip them to Heroes.

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Hi @Sheriff_Scar_III and welcome to the forum!
It’s also possible that the character that you are trying to equip the badge to is not a high enough level to have it yet. If on their badge screen there is a yellow + sign on the badge you need to level them up a bit (it will tell you what level they need to be if you click on the badge) once the + goes green they have equip it.


Welcome to the forums buddy! Ursula stole it!!

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No way Ariel’s daughter (Melody), stole the trident to make a deal with Ursula’s sister… What’s with villains and being lazy and making bad deals? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah that little problem… Yeah forgot about that!:joy:
Good point dodo we villains try hard to fit everything in the movie unlike Thanos who has changed colours and lost twice in one movie and losing all his henchmen (a disgrace to traditional villains) we’re the guys who help you (the viewer) to understand that how good the movie is working as businessmen by day producers by night :yum: :joy: #Villains_forever

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Little Mernaid 2 was so awful I nearly cried… imo.

This went from Bits to The Little Mermaid 2…

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Server 12 btw

There’re different Icons at the Upper Left Portion of Badges, you just have to be observant…

  • No Icon = Full Badge
  • Scroll = Badge Plan
  • Shards = Badge Bits
  • Scroll and Shards = Badge Plan Bits

Perhaps these photos help… vanellope was level 00, and trident badges were already built, and even so I had the money and pieces to build it. Its difficult to explain, fingers crossed the photos upload properly, but I am a level 104 player, so I doubt it is a user error. I thought it’d be fixed in the last update as it has been a persistent issue. Then, it occurred to me that perhaps the problem was unknown.

Thanks for the introduction and welcome everyone!

Why are you such a chatterbox?

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