Tron - Bug or bad skill description?

Tron’s skill states that he CAN APPLY a maximum of 3 stacks of hardy for each ally using light barriers. However, if the ally already starts the battle with more than 3 stacks of hardy (ex. Rapunzel), he won’t add any even though he has not applied any of the 3 that he is allowed to. If this is how it’s supposed to work, then the skill description should state that he can add stacks of hardy only to allies that have less than 3 stacks of hardy.

I thought this bug got resolved :thinking:

Maybe not

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Good to hear it’s a bug though

Apparently, there was a bug where tron would reduce rapunzel’s 6 stacks of hardy to 3. This seems to be fixed. My question is why doesn’t he add the additional 2 stacks he is allowed to add…

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