TRON. just Tron

In friendships we are all accustom to references to characters that are in the City but are not Playable. But in the Main Campaign that doesn’t happen.

My point is I just got to Chapter 23. And I ran into this:

If you remember back In late August it leaked that Tron was coming to the game but that he was in the early stages. But then nothing ever became of that. Why did no one mention this? This confirms that they were so confident Tron would release that they went ahead and put him in the Main Campaign. But we don’t even have so much as further leaks much less a genuine launch…


Nice find. I don’t understand why this game has Quorra and Kevin Flynn, but no Tron. I certainly hope he joins the game at some point. We don’t need Gizmoduck… We need Tron.

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Maybe he was intended to be included, but there were some difficulties. And yeah, since Kevin Flynn and Quorra are here, Tron is bound to appear someday.

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Totally with you - I had to look up Megavolt as he is totally unknown on my country…

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