Trying to find my old DS Guild

Hi all,
Does anyone know what server the UK Underdogs are on?
The leader was Quamoc in DS.

I said I wasn’t switching to DH after DS but, here I am… :smile:

This will need a little more help to spread this post to call the attention. But if the meantime you are looking where to go. You are welcome in server 2 “The Mighty Ducks”, our doors are always open.

Thanks mate. I take it folk from all servers can read the same forum?

I’m on S18 btw

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Yes. The forums are for all servers. So if they see this, they will sure contact you.

Yes, very definitely you could find it easily.

Thanks guys :+1:
Is it possible to change Server?

You can make a new account to get onto a different server

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Ok so either start from fresh on a different server if it comes to it, or stay put where I am?

Yeah, it’s your choice, man.

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Till i remember …In Server 2 there was an guild from when game was released named Underdogs…It was ran by @Pwnage_101
But Someone destroyed underdog.

Ok thanks, I’ve sent them a msg but I don’t recognize that name.
What do you mean someone destroyed them?
Btw they were called UK Underdogs so might be a different Guild.

Yep They might be diffrent
By Destroying i mean…Someone.(champion at underdogs) kicked everyone …I know the name who did that…Better not tell.

Sounds like someone had a bad day! :smile:

Hi folks, appreciate it if you can have a quick look at your Guild list on your server please.

I logged a support ticket to see if they could look it up & was told they couldn’t divulge any player Account Information…
I don’t see how looking for a Guild infringes on Individual player account information.

I checked in S1 ,S2,S5…Didnt found.
Maybe They ve change their name.

Thanks mate,
I appreciate you having a look :+1:

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I’ve checked S14 as well & they’re not there.

That only leaves Servers 9, 16, 19, 21, 22 as a possibility.

There’s no UK Underdogs on S21 as I know.

Thankyou for checking :+1:

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You’re welcome! :grin:

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