Turn up the heat event

Hi, this is the 3rd day of Turn up the heat chain of daily event and surprise, I don’t see any event in Server 12

1st day, I had double drop and that’s it. Yesterday I had nothing. And when I woke up this morning, I saw more gold event that lasted 3 more hour. So it’s safe to assume that event started in my sleep!!!

And today, I see nothing either. So, another event will start in my sleep, too? (FYI, my usual sleep time is 22h30 in Asian time)

What kind of events are that? Start in sleep time and only last for like a few hours. We have a life too, you know!

And since when, events start and finish so randomly like this???

This is the same on other servers or is it just me and my bad luck???


Hey! On server 19 the x2 gold event started at least 5 hours (probably more) before the the pop up announcing the event showed up. When you went on to buy gold there was a x2 marker. So if you never buy gold you wouldn’t see it until the pop up. It seems a bit strange.

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That’s true, and I’ve noticed it for the last few ‘bonus gold buy’ events actually. The announcement always seems to come a few hours after the event begins. All the other events seem to get announced on time.

@Polaris is something wrong with the gold buy bonus announcements?

Have any of you figured out what is daily event for today? Cause nothing changes in my server…

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There doesn’t appear to be one.

Turn up the heat came out as “turn on your radiator” in german…:joy:

It looks like it’s set up correctly, but I can have the team take a look. The events start at different times on different servers, so if you have accounts on multiple servers, you will get the notification for each one as it starts.

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Hmm, thanks. I don’t mean the notifications - the actual tab that appears in the events section hasn’t been there, for the start of the last couple at least. The only way I’ve known the event was on was by going to the gold buy screen, which had the little ‘SALE!’ flash. The event tab then appeared later in the day.

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Ooooh, that’s different. I’ll have the team take a look!


It’s coming soon! :wink:

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Not today in your timeline, it’s today in my timeline , which is coming in an end in about 2 and a half hour :))))))))

Anyways, it’s good to hear that. Thank you @Polaris

Another proof that time is relative

Why are the events coming so late now? They used to happen 7 am (brazil time) in server 2… it’s almost 12 and nothing has happened


Yeah, just came to post the same thing… GMT here and they’ve been 10am for the longest time, now all of a sudden bonus stamina buy has begun and it’s 4pm already and I’ve done my dailies… :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:

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Ugh… No

Normally, all the daily events start at 10 am (or 11 am at the end of year) in my time zone. Not 10 pm!

That’s a huge difference

On a serious note. I’m on server 10, on the east coast. Up to a couple of weeks ago by the time I usually check, 6 am, special sales or offers (double drops, bonus stamina/gold, double trials, etc.) were already up and running with their respective announcements. For the last couple of weeks, they seem to be up and running as well by 6 am, but the announcements don’t come until 9 or 10am.
maybe the announcements are now on west coast time.

Something has changed today, for sure. This is the first event in a very long while that hasn’t actually started at the usual time.

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Today the bonus stamina sale didn’t start on server 10 until 11 am eastern time.
Needless to say, I had already spent my allotted amount of diamonds to buy stamina earlier in the morning, so I missed on this.
So thank you to whomever decided to change the start times.
@Polaris Any chance I can get the difference credited?


polaris answered on another thread… he said it was an error and that it wasnt supposed to start the time it started

Ditto same on s9.