Turning off "max" button


Could be added to game an option to remove or re-showing the alarming screen with notification of spending ALL GOLD?
I’ve spend all gold by accident and the support refuse to give it back, so at least add this feature to game? @Polaris

It would be good if the settings would have an option to just remove this button from the screen.

Or at least option to return this screen.


If they also added it for auto-select in Surge, and a few other things, it’d be great

What’s the problem with auto-select in Creep Surge?

It can activate AFTER you start the battle.
So I wasted many heroes because of it, because I end up clicking it by mistake where it’s placed.

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Yeah, that definitely sounds like a bug.

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If you send in a support ticket we can turn the confirmation window back on for you.

Ok, I will do it ASAP, but in future could be something in the settings to do it by self?

I believe that’s on the list!


Sweet! I will look forward for it, pretty sad it’s missing.

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