Two new characters(coming soon?)

Gonzo(in a daredevil costume)

Scrooge(in classic form)

  • Yes
  • Probably not
  • Definitely not

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Do you think that both gonzo and scrooge are gonna come to the game

They are just dialogue characters

Who said they are just dialogue characters? For now they are, but maybe they’ll come to the game soon

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Every character who has ever appeared as dialogue characters has become reality: Merida, Shank, The Beast, ect.


Merida was a dialogue character? Which campaign?

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I was just about 2 ask the same thing.

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There is Jasmine, too.

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Deberían añadir a prince Phillip ya que el próximo mes se estrena maleficent 2 y siempre añaden personajes de las películas que se estrenan.

Any charther who had cameo became playable so scrooge mcduck gonzo and jasmone are not excptions i would asuume jasmine and tro will come in 24.9.19 excatly 2 weeks from the patch notes which arrived 3 days ago and than 8.10.19 could early update with vilians

Patch Notes will drop tomorrow… (due for a cap increase. If not, it’ll be a miracle)


I meant for that after monthly patch notes 2 weeks later coming smaller with 2 charthers and after another 2 weeks coming big monthly patch notes

So I think the next patch notes with new heroes will be September 20. Expecting Jasmine, and IDK either Tron or Gonzo.

Scrooge might come in December.

I agree in scrooge coming in september since there is ducktales christmes spicel i think donald will come earleir in novmber to cekebrate thankgiving and ariel coming along him since the litlemermaid will have 30 years aniversty and thanksgiving holdiday are both in november

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We just had the update on Tuesday, so it’s not gonna drop for another week.

Barbosa and Tia.

and Barbossa.

and yes, dialogue characters always come later as playable characters.

Others like Mushu or Bella are just mentioned in script or by playable character.

Oh yeah, Barbossa was a dialogue character once.


So if dialogue characters have seen added then could characters from campaign missions still be added? Like, Lilo and Esmeralda have been seen in Stitch’s friendships missions.

How? Show me the screenshot on Lilo and Esemeralda @TherMasterStitch