Umm how are we supposed to finish this maximum moxie stamina challenge

I am on server 21 where our level cap is 145 so anyone over 135 cannot ask for stamina which most top 15 guilds have almost entire guilds over that level cap number. My question is @Polaris is there any way cap could be removed so everyone has a chance to finish the challenge


I thought you can still give stamina to people over your own level. To be honest I don’t understand what you’re asking, could you be a little clearer?

It’s a challenge in which you have to request stamina from guildmates, but you can’t request stamina if you’re less than 10 levels below the server’s level cap.

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Yes so older servers far ahead this challenge is easy but the newer servers are struggling with it due to said cap

Actually this challenge was a problem for every server when we had it


Just join low rank guild and donate all your staminas for low lvl members. E-Z😁and enjoy 500challenge tokens profit

That’s not how it works…

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