Underrated Heroes

Any suggestions for underrated heroes?
I think The Swedish Chef is one of them


There are a lot of underrated heroes.

Personally I sort of disagree with Swedish Chef because he’s very slow, I used to use him but often he took too long to do anything to really matter.

Still, that’s just me. If for you he works then nice

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I sort of agree with Swedish Chef - when I’m trying to solo one of those ‘high-power-but-kinda-bad-team’ Surge lines, he’s one that I can usually rely on to do the job. He is a bit slow, but I have green mods on him and he does pretty solid damage once he gets going.

I think Finnick could be considered underrated - he’s consistently at the bottom of most tier lists, but with his other disk (Ni) and some boosts, he can pose a fairly significant threat if left unchecked.

Rapunzel is I think another one, I’ve always used her and since her refresh she’s not that bad at all. Not quite as Incredibly Impactful (™) as PB have made out in their recent email, but with maxed red skill she provides decent support and also actually quite good damage herself


For me, I think everyone in Big Hero 6 (excluding Baymax) are a bit underrated for their amazing skills
(not quite sure of Hiro Hamada cuz I’ve never used him)

And I think Mulan and Fozzie Bear too (although I haven’t use them for a while)

Here I can agree (including Hiro, he’s pretty strong despite not being changed for almost 4 years). Especially Honey Lemon


Rex, moana, buzz, Donald, huey dewey and Louie


Anymore heroes?

For me, I think Kevin Flynn, Bellwether, and Quorra are sort of underrated

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