Understanding Mulan's Green Skill

Anybody know how to predict who mulan will hit with her green skill?

My Team: Kristoff, Mulan, Li Shang, Launchpad, Hank
Enemy Team: Mike, Buzz, Minnie, Moana, Mulan
Result: My mulan will hit Buzz, Enemy Mulan will hit hank.

My Team: Kristoff, Mulan, Li Shang, Launchpad, Hank
Enemy Team: Elsa, Kristoff, Linguini, Mulan, Li Shang
Result: My mulan will hit Elsa, Enemy Mulan will hit Launchpad.

It appears the enemy mulan hits the person in the same position she is. If this were true, my mulan should have hit kristoff in the second example.


I don’t understand her skill at all sometimes. I’ve had it hit pretty much every single positioned hero except the front.

If I have Mickey & Meg at the back, it’ll hit Mickey.
Put EVE between them, it wipes out EVE.
But if I put Mal in there too, it takes out Mal.
Remove Meg & EVE, it still takes out Mal.

Ok… so it’s consistently hitting either the back or penultimate hero. It definitely hits the penultimate hero more often, though.

Puts Rapunzel in lineup

Rapunzel gets hit… in 2nd position…



In my examples, the enemy mulan hit hank at the first position, and then launchpad at second position. So she can hit first position too.


Mulan hits the furthest enemy. She chooses the target at the very start of her skill animation based on the position of the opponents at that moment. The fireworks will hit that opponent once the animation completes, even if they move on the screen. That means, a midline hero can be hit with the fireworks. Entrance animations and timings adjust based on who’s on the team, so while it should be consistent if you’re fighting the same team, it can vary from team to team.


this is the first I’ve heard of this - so any specific hero will enter differently when in different lineups?

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Not always, but yes, where heroes enter and stand can adjust slightly based on other heroes on the team.

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So you can’t predict her attack unless you know the order in which toons of a given lineup will enter battle? Which means we would have to test every different composition?

But @Polaris, in both examples I gave, I use the same lineup and the enemy mulan hit differently. So it doesn’t depend just on the opponent’s lineup, but also on the position Mulan stands in one’s own lineup? That makes it impossible to predict, we would have to spar against similar lineups to be able to know who will get stunned. Kinda ruins strategy when building a lineup.

Will it vary based on which mode you’re fighting? E.g., if I test my Mulan team against Mulan/Li Shang/Rapunzel/Colette/Megara in a spar, will my Mulan’s opening rocket hit the same hero as it would in war or arena, or might it hit someone different?


@Polaris but why can’t heroes enter the battle in their correct positions as opposed to having having entrance points all over the place? I find this particularily annoying especially in invasion as Gerald, a frontline hero, has his rock spawn in different places based on heroes which seems to completely override his supposed position. In invasion, his rock gets placed so far back that elastigirl, a mid hero, is in front of him.

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