Unfair contests?

So I have been looking at the pointing system for S1 and S22.

Let me state a few facts.

  1. Right now, S22 gets 304 stamina per Get More Stamina buy. S1 gets 596 stamina, that´s near 2x of S22.
  2. Freely, by just refreshing stamina, S22 player gets 651 stamina a day, while S1 player gets 2880 stamina, which is just above 4x of S22.
  3. Fortify the Network wants 3510 stamina from a S22 player, but whopping 29600 stamina from a S1 player, which is 9x more than S22.

@Polaris Can the team say something about this discrepancy? Are older servers being handicapped for not being good spenders or not good players or anything?

I would suggest basing the number of stamina needed to spent from old server players around 4x-4.5x of that of S21/S22 player, in this case 10-11k stamina at most!


Server 2 the same as s1 in scoring, honestly I’m tired of these scoring system going down more and more for older servers, especially when Apple users can only do very inefficient theorem surveys while other platforms can do fyber and tapjoy still. How is it about “fairness” in these contest if some can earn gems one way for using one platform and not another? Be nice if there was a way for Apple users to get another form of offers that not open to other interfaces like being done with Apple users.

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To be fair, Fyber and Tapjoy are full of scams. You choose one scam or another. But that´s not the topic here.

And it’s ridiculous how they always scale requirements every contest. They act like diamonds and stamina scale ridiculously for every player.


Yet, diamonds are still the same for every server. Challenger rewards. So they should stay the same point-wise throughout all the servers.

With stamina, yes, there is a discrepancy, but not 9x. I´d be fine with 11k stamina requirement, that would be fair.
Overall it just seems like milking players at this point. Buy something and reach 1M or well… no LSB for you buddy.

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But the bonus points for diamonds scales every FTN. Diamonds don’t scale.

Yes, I know. I don´t want to belittle the dev team, but… do they know it? If so, why they scale the points down per diamond spent @Polaris? We don´t get more diamonds over time.

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