Unfortunately, I don't have a Genie's Lamp

Hello there, Musketeer is writing. :space_invader:

As I see, some people make a nice wish-lists, and I wanted to give it a try and hope that something will be added in future, because why not? :woman_shrugging:

:white_check_mark: #1 RELEASED Kim Possible - Nothing much to say, waiting over one year is very painful, and where to game could be added best TV character the pain is extra uncomfortable.

#2 Don Karnage - Best Disney’s Pirate - Who else is so bad but can give a nice laugh?

:white_check_mark: #3 RELEASED UP movie - Carl, Russell and Dug - Such great movie, shameful it wasn’t added during Pixar Month 2020

#4 Della Duck - Such bravery couldn’t go without a word… and I would love to see the friendship campaign between her and Donald or HDL, if not both. And not adding anything from DT17 is really sad.

:white_check_mark: #5 RELEASED (missing Monterey) #5 Rescue Rangers - With the release of Basil, adding them shouldn’t be any problem…

:white_check_mark: #6 RELEASED Bolt - Wasn’t that a good movie too? Why we don’t have him yet? what about Mittens now?

:white_check_mark: #7 RELEASED Phineas and Ferb characters - Very popular show, it’s getting a movie and that’s what ‘‘WE’’ want.

#8 Gummi Bears - Just let them bounce around the City…

#9 Oliver - Why we can’t have a fighting kitty? :cat:

#10 - Home on the Range - Maggie, Mrs. Calloway, & Grace and Alameda Slim - Muuuuu!

#11 - Roger Rabbit - A very toon toon!

#12 - Other TV show characters - Such as Jake Long, Bonkers D. Bobcat and the ‘‘impossible’’ Gravity Falls… The Owl House and Amphibia too!

More and more and more!

#13 - Narnia - Otherworldly Wardrobe adventures…

#14 - Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 - Game with the very intelligent space Cat would be amazing!

#15 - The Black Cauldron characters - A secret movie gem hiding nice characters and animations and one of most terrifying villain from Disney’s movies.

giphy (32)

I hope… you all enjoy(?) this or something…


Now your speaking my language


Totally agree with you! I am disappointed Up characters weren’t added during Pixar Month 2020, and Bolt would be nice as well!


Yes, it was very disappointing that UP wasn’t added back then or at any moment.


Definitely. It’s one of my all time favourite Disney movies and I really hope we get Bolt, Mittens and Rhino.


Added missing no 13. :snowflake:

Amazing list! I’m only missing Edna, Sadness and Cruella de Vil… Are they in the lists often? Don’t know… But this topic is awesome, dude! :smile:
Greetings, Irrer Minnie :kissing_heart:

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Kim is here! Just few more left :smile_cat:
But PB can take their time… Kim Possible’s release is was the biggest priority! Yay.


Roger Rabbit would be difficult to include due to licensing issues.

Don’t revive dead topics.

It’s not really reviving given that the OP posted 2 months after the last reply and then this was only 11 days. Also wish lists tend to be ongoing unlike concepts, bugs, etc.



Another patch notes and another franchise to :white_check_mark:, but when Oliver & Dodger will make it?! Della?

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