Unjust Chat silencing

So here’s the jist of it. I used an AC/DC song lyrics for my recruiting message. It was big balls by AC/DC. I removed the part of sweaty and dirty because that would be inappropriate. A person got offended by it, obviously she is uncultured in classic rock. Got a 3 day chat ban. Now I messaged support, where I also asked the question, so classic rock is inappropriate but it is ok for the person to say “suck a di** prince charming” support responded that next time I need to block and report the person, pretty much nothing they can do, less than 24 hours after it was said. Support eventually then changed their place on the ban claiming it was for irrelevant content being posted in chat. I responded how is recruiting for a guild irrelevant content. They said look at chat guidelines and closed the ticket. So I put up another with the enclosed screenshots, and rather than responding they closed it immediately. Now im hoping maybe I can get further here on forums since in game support is useless


Well… If u cuss, that’s what happens. And I do agree that it is irrelevant. But u can promote your guild in other ways. Like talking about how u will help your future guildmates, what benefits they can receive when they enter, etc. Although yours in an entertaining way to promote, it is not talking about the game, that’s why you were banned. And before you think that I hate it, stop. Just think:

What other ways are there?

You can…… Promote your guild on the forums (in a different way)

Talk about the benefits and whatever about your guild on the global chat and wait for people to come.

And what part is cussing? I promoted my guild in a unique way

Maybe this is not a suitable way for promoting

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