Unlikely Barney the Dinosaur concept

Name: Barney
Role: Tank
Position: Back
Team: Blue
Stars: 1

Description: With the power of imagination at his disposal, Barney will make the enemy side stop in the name of love.

Quote:“Any day spent with friends is special from the first to the very last.”

Entrance: His plush form appears on screen before coming to life

Win: He dances

Lose: He turns back into his plush form

Basic: he kicks the closest enemy

White: Great Big Hug
The player chooses an enemy for Barney to constrict in a hug. Barney then runs over to that enemy and hugs them, taking away X percent of HP. On auto, he will hug the enemy with the lowest HP.

Green: Round And Round
Barney puts on a bus driver hat and drives his bus across the battlefield, causing knockback and dealing X damage to all enemies.

Blue: Glass Of Milk
When Barney is at 0 HP, he drinks milk, reviving himself to full HP.

Purple: I Love You
“Great Big Hug” now heals the teammate with the lowest HP.

Red: Dinosaur Sensation
“Round And Round” now stuns enemies for X seconds.

Friend campaigns
Barney/Mickey Mouse
Barney/ Winnie the Pooh

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