Unlikely Hero: Baden Powell ✌️

he was the founder of Boy Scouts :v::man_with_gua_pi_mao:

Lord Baden Powell
Lord Baden Powell Is A :v::v: Star Front Line Tank hero

“On My Honor I Will Do My Best”

Trial= :stop_sign:

Entrance= Baden Powell Walks in wearing gear ready for battle

Defeat = Baden Powell Salutes His Teammates As He Falls Flat On The Ground

(White Skill) BB Gun Shootin, Baden Powell Shoots A BB Gun at the furthest enemy dealing 378 Damage

(Green Skill) Merit Badge Sewing, Baden Powell Sews All 136 Merit Badges On an Enemy K’Oing Them

(Blue Skill) Scout Salute, Baden Powell Salutes An Allie Healing Them By 610 HP

(Purple Skill) Helping Hand, Once One Of Baden Powells Allies Falls Below 50% Of Their Health He’ll Max our their HP

(Orange Skill) Camping Trip, Baden Powell Sets Up A Tent Then Throws It Threw The Enemy Team Dealing Damage To Everyone Who Touches it, It Does 761 Damage


Baden Powell/Woody
(Cowboy Partners)

Baden Powell/Miguel
(Campfire Songs)


This would belong in the Unlikely Character Concept thread

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I know I just wanted it to be it’s own thing

But then it’ll be flagged as off-topic. Also this is a real-life person in which you can find on the internet

No it’s in hero wishlist so it’s not off topic and not all concepts that aren’t Disney have to go in unlikely

Actually they do. That topic is a loophole around the “off-topic” rule and just because it is in the “Hero Wish List” section does not mean it is off-topic. It is off-topic no matter what

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I’m sorry what does this violate? It’s a character concept of someone in Hero Wishlist? And mind if I brag @Polaris liked it :heart:

You really aren’t violating anything major and tittle your topic well.
But what @Filadae_Djaq meant by off topic, even on the right category, is about the game content in general which belongs to Disney-Pixar field.
Any non-Disney character usually goes to “Unlikely character concept” topic where players can share their non relative characters and work, while maintaining order in the forums by not overflowing it any time a player has an non-Disney-Pixar character concept, therefore compacting all into one topic.

Now if the staff allows it, that is entirely up to them and assuming the responsibilities in case such disorders happen. So guess in that regard you are safe and glad to see your concept got the seal of approval.


Yeah well I don’t see it as a big deal I posted my topic and that’s final, if you have a problem with how I posted it then just don’t reply if you like my concept then comment

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Let’s get real people!

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Wait a minute…what do you mean by non-disney characters…

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