Unlikely Hero! C. Norris

Chuck Norris
Chuck Is A :gun: :gun: Star Front-Line Tank Hero

Entrance: Chuck Walks In Shooting Bullets Into The Air
Basic Attack: Chuck Shoots The Enemy
Death: Chuck Jumps Into The Air And Disappears


White Skill
An American Bad🍑

Chuck Shoots American Flags At The Enemy Dealing X Amount Of Damage

Green Skill
Guns Galore

Chuck Rapidly Shoots All Enemy’s Dealing Damage To All Enemy’s And Knocking Back The Frontmost Enemy

Blue Skill
Bear Attack

Chuck Rides A Bear Into The Enemy Team Stunning Them For 2 Seconds And On His Return He Runs Past The Weakest Allie Healing Them To Max HP

Purple Skill
Norris Finds A Way

Norris Gets Eaten By A Shark He Escapes Giving Him X Amount Of Attack Boost For The Rest Of The Wave


Chuck Norris/Gaston
Out Hunting

Chuck Norris/Duke Caboom
Greatest Dudes Ever

Plz Don’t Report This As Inappropriate I Spent A Lot Of Time Trying Not To Say Things That Aren’t Appropriate Plz Give Me Your Thoughts


Don’t worry. No one is going to report you

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You lost me at “death” because Chuck Norris cannot die!


@Hero_MacGuffin I had the same thought Chuck Norris dont die. If he can escape a shark, he can survive some cartoons!!!

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