(Unlikely hero concept) rod sullivan)

Rod sullivan

Description: Rod sullivan was bullied in school for being fat then years later got his revenge now he captures kids mostly fat ones and he’s ready to bring his genius to his allies

Role - control
Team - red
Position - midline
Stars - 1 :star2:
Quote - “oh hello chubby boy”

Entrance - parks his van and gets out
Victory - claps happily
Defeat - gets knocked on conscience

Basic Skill - ice cream toss
Rod throws ice cream.

White Skill - mini rod
Rod summons a mini rod to fight for him.
Normal Damage :boom:

Green Skill - freeze breath
Rod freeze a enemy for 10 seconds
Normal Damage :boom:

Blue Skill - alligator chomp
Rod throws a fish out his alligater then chomps the nearest enemy.
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

Purple Skill - delicious ice cream
Rods mini rod has a 25% chance of distracting an enemy

Red Skill - ice scream man
If a ally is charmed by a enemy the enemy that charmed the ally is slowed.
Extra Boosts:

+X invincible
+Y Armor
+Z fantastic damage on mini rod

Friendship #1 - rod/Winifred
Disk Name: ice potion
Campaign Name: child trapping
Summary: rod and Winifred team up to capture kids.
Allies: Percival mcleach, randall bogs, Sarah Sanderson
Stat Boosts: +X Max Health
Star Effect: When fully upgraded, alligator chomp has a 30% chance to scar enemies.

Friendship #2 - rod sullivan oogie boogie
Disk Name: Icy scare
Campaign name: best scarer
Summary: Rod and oogie compete for best scarer
Allies: jack skellington sully maleficent
Stat Boosts: +Armor +reflect +dodge
Star Effect:When fully upgraded, rods mini rod has a 20%chance of stunning

You’re getting to making better concepts, but this just needs more “OOMPH”, you could say. The descriptions are a little short, and I feel the friendships could be laid out better. Here is a great concept that can help you out! Wish you the best of luck!

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