Upcoming heros and seek peck

New upcoming heros

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Oh my god!!! We all knew this!!!

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So what do you think?

Oh and I almost forgot

Why are they not removing Lumiere?

Well the little mermaid will be added also

Of course, not because of Ariel, but because of URSULA.


Yeah I know

smacks face
If you know then why say Ariel is coming?

Cause no one knows that she is coming or maybe they did

Ariel isn’t coming to the game. She isn’t confirmed at least.

Pls @Im_trash take this into consideration
@Prince_Aamir quote

:left_speech_bubble: think before you act and use common sense and you treated like a great person


Plz let lumiere be in server 19

Lumiere isn’t confirmed

Maybe lumiere would be added