Update 1.0.A Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.0.A


  • New heroes on Servers 2-8: Rex from Toy Story and EVE from WALL•E
  • Server 1 is open again and accepting brand new players!

Rex (Servers 2-8)

“Oh, I’m going for fearsome here, but I just don’t feel it! I think I’m just coming off as annoying.”
Rex is a front-line tank hero! Rex’s hero chips can be found in the Coliseum Shop.


Stampede (Normal Damage)
Rex charges through enemies dealing damage and knocking them backwards.

Mighty Roar (Fantastic Damage)
Rex roars, dealing damage and silencing enemies for 4 seconds.

Dino Might
Rex headbutts nearby enemies, dealing damage and knocking them backwards.

Shield Eating Dinosaur
Rex deals extra damage to shielded enemies.

EVE (Servers 2-8)

EVE is a back-line damage hero! EVE’s hero chips can be found only in the Diamond Crate.


Hand Cannon (Normal Damage)
EVE fires her plasma cannon at the closest disabled* enemy, dealing damage. Nearby enemies also take damage. If no enemy is disabled, EVE instead targets the closest enemy.

*Disables include stun, freeze, blind, silence and charm.

Shield Directive
EVE shields her weakest ally, protecting them from damage for the next 7 seconds.

Ion Shock (Normal Damage)
EVE’s charged blast deals damage to the enemy with the highest skill power and then stuns them for 7 seconds.

Combat Efficiency
EVE does 100% more damage to disabled enemies.

Server Opening

  • Server 1 is once again open and accepting brand new users!
    • Note: Existing users could always make accounts on Server 1

Hi, i cant use some heroes skills, i opened topic on bug discussions, please look, game have bug some devices. Yellow bar full but i cant click heroes, for example elastigirl, venelope etc. i cant finish chapter 3, i cant use fantastic damage

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You said eve is only in VIP crates so I bought a bunch to try and get her, then afterwards I find out you can only get her in diamond crates. Compensation?


When will be changed hero in guild crate and daily reward? (Server 1)

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Update is amazing loving it keep up the good work guys :grin:

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Unfortunately they will not give you compensation. Regardless of what the forum says, it shows the 4 heroes you can get in the vip crate screen before you buy them

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Awesome! I’m on Server 2! Is Baymax going to be added soon? He’s my favorite Disney character of all-time.

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Very good…I was accepting this and thanks you so much disney


They’ve changed it now, but I’ve played other large games that would give compensation for mistakes like that. Nothing big of course, but even little things like a free diamond crates for all players type stuff, beyond the normal free crate we get from time to time


Awesome! :clap: I really like those characters from those movies.

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I badly want to play again, but Im still waiting on a fresh new server to become vip. Please be honest and tell if this is going to happen anytime soon? I keepnlogging in every day searching for server 9


Why are you waiting for a server 9?

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Arena easier to progress and a good fresh start is good

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But there was already added 7 new servers

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