Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes

I was told by support that it was working even though I have yet to receive any rings.


Do you want make 1)underground train
It is not my idea I play a game that it was in that Under ground train! When you enter it you have
Two Wooden doors to choose digging gold or plunder xp drink.When you enter the gold one you can choose one this items: bag of coin(,20000):3 hour /pot of coins(50000) 5hour
And mountain of coins:(100000) 10 hours.
When you click you see a label that writes :choose your guardians! You must choose five heroes to guard your mine.
XP IS like this.but the reward are different.you enter underground laboratory.now you must choose your plunder:10 level 2 XP DRINK 2 hour
30 level 2 XP DRINK (6 hour) 50 level 2 XP DRINK (10 hour)and then you must choose your guardians.
Now you Must steal players mine or Xp drink.
There is a door that writes gold mine and laboratory.if you choose gold mine you will see your terrain and also you can see another players mine and guardians.When you see you can fight with him click the fight label and win the battle to get certain amount of gold.that will reduced from the Enemies mining gold!if you see you can’t win you can click go forward the train will go to read to find another place .go forward to choose your mine that you think you can win it.you can fight servial time like city watch that you lost in it you can also hoose another team until your heroes ends or win the battle .Also if you are in a low level and your guardians can’t guard you can request help from your gulidmates! Max 2 person they will get some extra gold or Xp but not from your mine!.the attacker must attack with all to steal golds.XP drinks are same by THIS! You can be attacked by players 3 times and also you have 30 food for every battle you want do you must use 3 food if the foods end you can’t fight and you must wait to recharge again.archive attackers win you you will reduce some rewards based n how many gold you chooses.lower will reduce lower and higher will reduced higher.so it is a little risk to choose high amount of gold or Xp.
Thanks for reading I will write the New feature idea soon.if you don’t get any part ask in comments pls! own hero !come to this Topic!make it famous to developer reads our SUGGESTIONS!!


The chips are also needed to start some friend missions.

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I really like the addition of a new sign in hero, many of us have high level…even max Jack Jacks now.

Will this new character also feature in the Guild Crate?

Also I love how the bug with chat while raiding has being fixed.

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The new hero icons are really aesthetically unpleasing, prior to the change each portrait had some breathing room but now it’s just too cramped and needs a rethink. Minor visual quibble but it does deny Boo recognition with Sulley and Boo.

Doesn’t sound right… Is she buffing the enemy?

No, she CHARMS enemy.

It’s basically the same as Nick’s “Charming Fox” skill where he buffs the charmed enemy’s basic attacks but for skill power.

Nothing About a Event Calendar ?

Oh cool here for hoping

The next person you should add is that bay max plz and thank you

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